100X GAINS!! NFTs Are Still Giving The Best Gains In Crypto

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Hey Fam! I’m back with the NFTuesday news that you all love. I hope you all didn’t think that I’d leave you hanging. As bullish as the #NFT sector has been in the past few months, it would be a crime for me not to bring you the best alpha in the space. NFTs had a brief cooling off period, but the scene is back thriving like new. The gains continue to pile in.

So, in today’s news, it looks like Yat from #Animoca is back at it again with another banger. This time he’s blessing the #NFTgaming scene with an open world game this time. Also, Cardano – never the one to be left out – is stepping into the gaming scene as well. It’s looks like they’re going to be targeting the e-sports sector. Plus, on-chain NFTs are continuing to grow in popularity. There are a few on-chain projects that are starting to make waves. I plan on bringing you all that plus more in today’s video.

00:00 = iNTRO
01:12 = Celebrities enter the metaverse
03:33 = BAYC
06:29 = Anonymice & Onchain NFTs
11:29 = NFT strategy
13:18 = NFT Gems
17:50 = Outro

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