3 New NFT Games to 10X Your Portfolio

Blockchain Gaming continues to explode and these shooters look like they will be BIG in 2022. I take a look at a few new shooter style FPS play to earn crypto games that will be fun to play if you love games like Fortnite, Valorant, or CS:GO.

Get in early on these projects before it’s too late!

MEGAWEAPON: https://www.megaweapon.io
VOID: https://www.void.games
MINI ROYALE: https://miniroyale.io/

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0:00:33 Intro
0:01:43 Mega Weapon
0:03:44 VOID
0:06:27 Mini Royale
0:08:35 Breakdown

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Megaweapon is a new Play to Earn PvP battle arena where the stakes are high! Players will fight each other in battle royal style matches for a chance to win and earn $WEAPON. Players need to stake some of their $WEAPON tokens in order to enter matches. When a player is killed in a match they drop a coin which is a portion of the $WEAPON they staked before the match (players get a couple opportunities to revive, but when you run out of $WEAPON you’re done). Players collect more $WEAPON with each consecutive kill, and keep the ammount of $WEAPON they earned if they manage to win. A player wins if they are the last man standing, still alive when the match time runs out, or if they are the 1st person to activate the MEGAWEAPON. Megaweapon will be having an NFT mint sometime soon where you will need to spend $WEAPON to mint an in-game character that you can customize before you mint. The game is set to be released later this year, stay tuned to their social media for updates.


VOID is a new multiplayer PvP shooter that has a heavy focus on character customization. Players will be able to create their characters with different attributes that will have a large impact on how the players ability in game. Examples of traits are: Accuracy, Damage, Range, Reload Speed, etc. Players will continually advance their characters by playing, as their characters get more powerful players will be able to earn more $VOID. In game land will allow owners to build their own arenas on, they will receive a % of the proceeds for any match that takes place in their arena. VOID will have its own native NFT marketplace (powered by Serum DEX) similar to Star Atlas’s marketplace. The Beta is set to be released later this year.

Mini Royale

Mini Royale is a new Play to Earn shooting game that is currently playable! The game is a classic shooter with fairly basic graphics but makes up for it with fun, engaging gameplay. There are many PvP modes for players to engage in including: Battle Royale, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, etc. The game will include things like daily activities, battle passes, tournaments, and more to provide players value.
There are also going to be PvE modes in the Mini Royale: Nations series where players will be able to purchase Land, Build on It, and engage in a land control-oriented, social strategy game with a deep emphasis on clans, alliances and social mechanics. Different Lands will fall within different Nations that correspond to actual places in the real world. Players will build on their Lands to change its attributes which can affect how their Lands perform in game.

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