Pump For Bitcoin? (ALL Bets Are Off for this Bull Run!)

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My Philosophy Might Surprise You: What Does It Really Take To Become Successful in E-Mini Trading?

I get to talk with a sizable number of individuals considering a career in trading and what I hear from most individuals is absolutely shocking. Most have read a popular DIY trading book and feel they have a system in place that will reward them, at the very least, with handsome profits and, with any luck, they expect to strike it rich.

Indulge In Day Trading To Recover From Hard Times

Have you considered taking up day trading as one of the ways of generating an income or supplementing what you might be receiving from an existing source? It is indeed an option that deserves to be given a try and as long as you are able to approach it with a practical and educated mind-set, success could prove to be well within your reach.

2014 World Cup Fever – What Financial Traders Can Learn From the World Cup

You will in no doubt have seen the extensive preparations which have been highlighted over the last few weeks prior to the World Cup in 2014. Not only was the host country, Brazil faced with an enormous task to ensure that they were ready for the event, the sportsmen will have also had to deal with extensive training regimes in order to be physically fit and emotionally equipped for the football matches, which lie ahead of them.

What Traders Can Learn From Property Gurus?

Today has been a fun day for me as I accompanied my dad (who recently retired from his day job) to a property auction. I used the word fun because this was an interesting experience for me due to the fact that I used to be a mobile trader and, now, a market trader. Buying and selling properties is a form of trading as well because, as I just mentioned, it involves buying and selling. Beyond that, the trip to the auction house brought me back to ground level and reminded me a lot of the skills required to be a successful trader. Unlike being in the financial market, bidding for properties in an auction is an Art. This is an art because, while the property market is usually slow moving (you can place a purchase offer and the seller can decide to accept or reject at his own time), the auction house is one place where acquiring a property requires more than just submitting an offer. While I can go on about how fun the auction was, I thought it’ll be a more useful if I could convert some of the insights I had today into useful trading lessons.

Which Are the Best Markets to Day Trade?

There are many different markets for a day trader to choose from. Choose the one which best suits your style of trading.

A Review Of 3 Of The Best Binary Options Brokers

For you to be successful in your trading endeavors, you need to have the right trading broker with you. If you are unsure of the broker that you should go for, here are some of the most reputable binary options brokers that you should consider buying from.

5 Important Lessons in Learning to Day Trade Crude Oil Futures With Confidence

The Crude Oil futures contract (CL) strikes fear in the heart of many beginning traders because it can, at times, be a volatile beast. But such is not always the case; the majority of the time the CL contract moves at a brisk pace and displays characteristics that not only make it a tradable contract, but a highly desirable instrument to trade.

Which E-Mini Trading Indicator Gives Traders A Clear View of the Next Market Move?

The goal of any e-mini trading system is to demonstrate the ability to accurately forecast the timing and direction of price movement. To be sure, there are literally thousands of trading systems that claim to place e-mini traders in a position to place trades that are timely and profitable. After all, why place a trade without having a reasonable expectation of making money in e-mini trading? For that matter, why bother even trading when you can just put it in the bank with no risk?

What Single Variable Do All Successful E-Mini Traders and Scalpers Have In Common?

Though they think they can be successful, a significant numbers of traders who approach me for mentoring talk about their most successful trade. When I press them further and more pointedly by asking, “Okay, but overall is your account positive or negative since you began trading?” Unfortunately, an overwhelming number of these traders sheepishly admit they are negative overall in their trading.

Some Thoughts on Self-Destructing E-Mini Trading Systems

I sometimes believe that I must be on every e-mini trading education program’s mailing list because my inbox is constantly filled with the “latest and greatest” new system being brought to the market; the problem is, the vast majority of these systems are just the same rehash of a new combination of lagging indicators and moving averages. To make matters worse, these e-mini trading programs are selling for thousands of dollars. As a member of the e-mini trading education community and a devoted e-mini scalper I can only shake my head in bewilderment.

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