50,000 Crypto Giveaway In This NFT Game

Its football season! That means that NFT fantasy football is about to kick into high gear as every gets their teams ready for this year.

I revisit our friends at NFT Draft who are doing a 50,000 crypto giveaway for their first tournament event!

Learn how to make a team in this video and enter!!!

Play NFT Draft: https://nftdraft.io

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:46 Setup
00:01:47 Breakdown
00:01:53 Website
00:02:57 NFT Cards
00:03:32 Build A Team
00:03:57 Tournaments Screen
00:04:41 Assign A QB
00:05:20 Assign Defensive Kicker
00:05:51 Check On Your Assignment
00:06:18 Assign RB
00:06:54 Assign WR
00:07:22 Assign TE
00:07:46 Assign Defence
00:08:10 Assign Kicker
00:08:32 Add Another RB
00:08:48 Add Another WR
00:09:28 Take Team To Tournament
00:10:13 Last Bits
00:10:50 Wrap Up

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