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Happy Friday E.T Fam! I’m back on this beautiful Friday to talk crypto. I hope everyone is in good spirits. If you aren’t you should be because I come bearing good news. I know that some of you all were disturbed or worried about the Bitcoin shakeout. However, this shakeout was necessary for the bull run to continue.

The Fear and Greed Index has been growing hotter by the day. Whenever we reach a euphoric state too fast, it usually means game over. We need for this run to last as long as possible. The good news is that we are no longer in extreme greed and Bitcoin dominance is decreasing. Does anyone know what that means?

It means that altcoins are about to gain dominance. This could be the start of the super cycle that we’ve all been anticipating. In other news, it looks like Thorchain is trying to climb back to its rightful position. Don’t call it a comeback! Let’s all keep our eyes on Thorchain. It’s still a great project despite the setbacks that the team experienced this year.

In “would ya look at that” news, Walmart is silently installing crypto ATMs inside of the stores. They should just admit that they love us. The Bank Of Spain and a few other Spanish banks are scrambling to catch some of these bull run blessings as well. They’re currently working to figure out ways to provide crypto services to their clients.

I have a question for the E.T Fam. Would you trade a scan of your retina for crypto? If you said yes, first of all, shame on you. Second, you should holler at WorldCoin (not really). They’re trading coins for retina scans…..weird times we’re in. Stay strong E.T Fam! We’re still on the path to make it!

DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice! This is an entertainment and opinion-based show. I am not a financial adviser. Please only invest what you can afford to lose, and we encourage you to do your own research before investing. DYOR

Gold and Silver Are Winning the War

As mentioned previously, the centre of gravity for gold demand is continuing to move eastwards. Any splurge on gold in the western world quickly provokes an even stronger purchase response from the East. However the world’s biggest gold consumers are falling out of love with wearing their gold as jewellery.

The Potential of the Binary Option As a Regular Investment Choice

Binary options trading has established itself as a highly money-spinning investment alternative and is drawing the attention of countless individuals who seek to enhance their financial conditions, particularly after the effect of economic downturn. Binary options trading has established itself as a highly money-spinning investment alternative and is drawing the attention of countless individuals who seek to enhance their financial conditions, particularly after the effect of economic downturn.

E-Mini Trading: Do Your Stop/Loss Points Get You in Over Your Head?

There is a tendency among traders, both new and experienced, to overestimate their predictive abilities as they relate to e-mini futures contracts. Over trading and trading too many contracts are common characteristics of the hard charging e-mini trader; but their exuberance might be put to better use if they held off a few years and gained some valuable experience to match their aggressive trading style.

Intraday Trading Tips For Beginner Traders

1) Create a written intraday trading plan. – Without out it you’re cannon fodder for more experienced intraday players. You need to know exactly what it is you’re going to do before the session starts, each and every day.

How a Futures or Forex Day Trader Should Use an Online Day Trading Plan to Be Successful

Every day trader engaged in online day trading the futures, stocks, options or Forex markets should have a trading plan in place that serves as their road map during every trading day. Entries and exits from the market traded should never be random. There always should be a reason behind each trade taken by the online futures or Forex day trader supported by their own trading plan written by them.

Online Day Trading – Dangers of Over and Under Trading to the Online Day Trader

One very important aspect of trading which is often overlooked by the novice online day traders engaged in online day trading is the number of trades to be taken during the trading day. Should they take just a trade or two during the day or trade as many as a hundred times during the day? It is very important for every trader to evaluate their trading style and see if they are over or under trading their particular style or system.

Trading and the Law of Attraction – Using the Law of Attraction in Day Trading

Day trading is hazardous enough without having your mind sabotaging you. Yet that’s what a lot of day traders do. Then they wonder why their bank implodes. Using the law of attraction in your day trading is an excellent tool to add to the charts or fundamentals that you already use. And having the right mindset could be all that you need to turn your trading into profit. Here’s how…

Day Trading Tips: Helping Intraday Traders Make Decisions

There are numerous day trading tips for intraday traders to avail of. Intraday trading involves high risks but with a possibility of very high rewards if traders play their cards right. Day trading involves buy and sell transactions within one single trading day.

How Long It Takes To Become Profitable At Trading and Investing

As a human being, you will make mistakes. None of us are perfect and, to me, that is something that is perfect about us. The point being that if we were theoretically ‘perfect’ then life would be a bore and there would be no room for growth. So it’s perfect that we are not perfect.

Online Day Trading: Important Techniques Used by Intraday Traders

Online day trading is very popular nowadays. With the convenience that the internet has to offer, even financial instruments trading can be done online which results to more people engaging in intraday trading.

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