What Is AABB Gold Token- How It Works – AABB Gold Token Review

AABB Gold Token – What Is AABB Gold Token- How It Works – AABB Gold Token Review
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Several “gold-backed” cryptocurrencies have been gaining popularity in the last couple of years, but if you look beyond marketing, these coins either offer unrealistic prices for most investors, or the project is not fully backed by gold at all. Asia Broadband Inc, developed the AABB Gold token, which is 100% backed by gold. We will tell you more about this cryptocurrency in this video. Stay tuned, there will be a lot of useful information.

The year 2021 has so far been defined as a “rally of everything. However, lost in this euphoria were the significant swings that shook commodity markets.
Precious metals, namely gold, were no exception, making long-term investors squeamish in the face of price spikes.
Blockchain technology opens up some new possibilities for this, including the ability to create financial leverage, liquidity, and monetization of physical gold reserves, both now and in the future.
One such company that has explored this channel recently is Asia Broadband, Inc. A public resource company focused on the production, supply, and sale of precious and base metals primarily to Asian markets.
Through its subsidiary Asia Metals Inc., Asia Broadband, Inc. also focuses on acquiring highly prospective gold projects in well-established mining camps throughout Mexico.
Openness to young miners has been a central tenet of most long-term gold companies, offering a healthy degree of speculation and future growth.
With the help of blockchain technology and shareholder value assessment, the Company has since closely followed young mining companies to gain a competitive edge by launching their AABB Gold token, 100% backed by Gold.

Asia Broadband is a highly profitable resource company specializing in the production, supply, and sale of precious and base metals primarily to Asian markets. The company is focused on acquiring highly prospective gold projects in existing mining camps in Mexico. The company holds $100 million in assets and holds physical gold, 100% of its AABB Gold token supply, derived from the company’s mining segment.

Developing countries lack sophisticated financial systems to manage their currencies and are turning to cryptocurrency as legal tender. Leading the movement in El Salvador, which this month passed a law accepting Bitcoin as the country’s legal tender. Asia Broadband, Inc. – is one of the companies that jumped on El Salvador’s announcement, announcing its plans to use the country as a springboard for expansion in Central America with the introduction of its AABB gold token.
Asia Broadband, recently launched AABB Gold token back in March, as its gold-backed cryptocurrency to exchange mining for the token. The company will target major retailers in El Salvador to enter into agreements to accept and process customer purchases using the token

Gold-backed tokens can benefit from both gold and cryptocurrency while maintaining the potential for price appreciation in both markets. AABBG is not a stablecoin, but has a stable stablecoin quality with the token price maintained at 0.1 gram of the spot gold price. AABBG can be purchased through the AABB Wallet app, available on the iOS and Android stores.

Asia Broadband, Inc. announced the release of the first token of its hybrid token backed by $30 million in physical gold held by the company.
The token will continue to be backed 100% by additional physical gold purchased from future mining operations, gold purchased from cash reserves, or credit.
The initial issuance of tokens available for purchase was 5.4 million tokens at a price of one-tenth of a gram of gold for each AABBG token. Thus, AABBG boasts the same qualities of stability as Stablecoin, although it is a hybrid cryptocurrency.
The most unique aspect of AABBG is its vertical integration of Mine-to-Token gold collateral, which is unlike any other cryptocurrency. It should be noted that the price of the token is at least tied to and supported by the market price of gold. As the price of gold changes, the minimum supported price of the AABBG token will increase or decrease, but the potential price of the token will be determined by market demand.
AABB’s main goal for the token is to make it a global exchange standard that is backed by gold and trusted.
Asia Broadband aims to achieve this by actively expanding token circulation to primary markets in both North America and Europe, as well as around the world.

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