After Best Bitcoin Close Out Ever

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Good Morning and Happy Monday E.T Fam! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I know you all are ready to get into some TA with everyone’s favorite chart expert, Krown. You all know that we always start off with the Bitcoin price analysis. Today, Krown is expounding on Plan B’s RSI chart. He’s giving us his opinions on this chart, while also letting us know what the deal is with the current price. He really puts on a masterclass this episode. I have yet to see anyone demystify the PlanB RSI the way Krown does in this video. This is definitely an episode that you don’t want to sleep on!

If you’re a trader, make sure you stay ahead of the bullish and bearish trends by watching this content. This goes for investors as well. We can all benefit from understanding the charts and where prices are likely headed. E.T Fam, gather around and watch Krown break the charts down! Please like, comment, and share! Happy trading!

DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice! This is an entertainment and opinion-based show. I am not a financial adviser. Please only invest what you can afford to lose, and we encourage you to do your own research before investing. DYOR

Option Trading School – Building a Business Plan for Trading

Everyone wants to invest in the stock market as it offers an open arena where people can make huge profits if they make all the right moves. The potential is limitless, and yet, in spite of the number of people who actually involve themselves in trading, only a few succeed. Some are just able to scrape through, and many investors end up with losses. How can only a few people be able to make a profit out of a global market in spite of the fact that everything is so open? The answer is simple…

How To Become A Successful Penny Stock Trader?

There are some basic steps involved if you want to become a successful penny stock trader. Penny stocks can be a very lucrative investment when the right stocks are chosen but the wrong choice can quickly wipe out all of your capital.

Option Trading School – America’s Most Wanted Man!

It is not the terrorist leader, arms dealer or drug kingpin that many of you might be thinking of with a headline like this one. If anyone of you see this man please report them immediately so we can turn them in to the government and reap our reward!

Option Trading School – Owning Stocks During a Financial Crisis

Many people are faced with the predicament of being long (owning stocks) during a financial crisis. The companies held in an investor’s portfolio that were thought of as strong, stable and profitable businesses are all of a sudden volatile, risky and filled with holes. It is important to have a plan for all positions and not fall into these two common mistakes that many people make during a financial crisis.

Do You Confuse Trading With Investing?

Trading and investing are often mistaken for the same thing when they are actually very different disciplines for making money. The first thing to know about investing is that it is usually for a longer term with the intention of taking profit via dividends or selling the stock later when it has appreciated considerably in value. That is a well-known and common practice.

Compare Spread Betting Companies

When you are researching brokers and deciding which company to open an account with, we all know that tight spreads are important, but why are tight spreads so important and should they be the only thing that you consider when making this decision? The main cost to financial spread bettors is the spread, the difference between the offer and the bid, which is why the closer the spread the better the investment. Therefore it goes without saying, the wider the spread the more costly the investment to you, the investor.

What You Need to Know As a Beginning Day Trader

Novice stock traders are often fascinated by tall tales about the riches offered by day trading. However, tall tales often fail to mention that day trading can very well reduce an inexperienced trader to beggary in a matter of minutes. Traders need to arm themselves with enough knowledge and gather some trading experience before venturing into the day trading minefield.

How to Create Day Trading Strategy and Investing Strategy Ideas

There are two main reasons why I believe it is important for traders to develop their own strategies. First of all, developing strategies requires the traders develop a greater knowledge of the market and its price movements. Secondly, when one develops their own trading strategy they are tuned into how the strategy actually works, what will cause it not to work and they will be in a much better place to make adjustments when needed.

Are Your Judgements Affecting Your Trading Performance?

As every experienced trader and investor knows good judgement calls are the key to making sound trading decisions and investment decisions. Over the past year or so many traders and investors have had a hard time making money and many hedge funds have lost money last year even though there were many good trading opportunities.

How Technical Analysis Works

Technical analysts, often called chartists, research and study historical prices, trying to find trends. They use different technical indicators to forecast the future movement of stock prices. Although fundamental analysts would disagree with using this approach, there are still many advantages to using this strategy.

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