An Inside Look at the U.S. Strategy in Guam to Counter China’s Growing Threat

The U.S. Army is testing the Iron Dome on Guam. WSJ’s Shelby Holliday got a first-hand look at the missile-defense system, which arrived months after a top military leader called the island’s defenses inadequate against threats from China. Photo: Adam Falk/The Wall Street Journal

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Online Penny Inventory Trading – 4 Necessary Rules

Like every other investments, online penny inventory buying and selling does not assure a 100% success and profit. Yes, online penny inventory buying and selling has made lots of people bank fortune and you are capable of do it as effectively, as lengthy as you equip yourself with the basics needed to succeed. In case you are a beginner or starter, you have landed on the right web page as a result of this article will guide you thru the four important rules of online penny inventory trading.

Here’s How to Start Day Trading to Make Money!

One of the hottest and exhilarating means to make extra cash these days is day trading. There are individuals that get involved in day trading to supplement their standard income stream, while some people look at it as a full time job. There are lots of individuals earning remarkable money with day trading which is why many more people are giving it a shot.

Should You Do a Technical Analysis Course?

If you are performing well in the stock market then you are part of a small number. If you are one of the larger number who aren’t doing so well or you would like to improve you results, then I think you should look at technical analysis and perhaps do a technical analysis course.

Day Trading – Sometimes You Take Good Setups and They Fail

There are days when even quality trade set ups do not come to fruition. How you handle these losing trades will have a direct bearing over the long run on your trading success. It is imperative to maintain your technique in the face of a few losing trades.

The 3 Critical Elements to Being a Successful Trader

Before I define the 3 Critical Elements to being a Successful Trader, it is prudent that a distinction is made between “investing” and “trading.” Investing, by its very nature, can be defined as the activity of accumulating financial instruments and assets (often shares) on the premise that their collective value will appreciate over time. Trading on the other hand is the practice of utilising information and resources (both fundamental and technical) to buy and sell financial instruments purely for the purpose of profit.

Steady Trading Income – The Key to Making a Living Trading Online

The key to steady trading income is automated trading systems. This article gives you an overview on how to build your own automated trading system just like the ones used by professionals on Wall Street.

Day Trading Options For Profit and Wealth

Let’s face it, one of the biggest cries you hear about trading stock options is that it is too risky. In reality though, there is less risk involved with “options” than there is with trading the actual stock. It is an easy way for anyone to create massive wealth very fast!

Advanced Techniques in Candlestick Patterns

Candlestick patterns have been used for hundreds of years to predict and plan things from rice demand in Japan to financial securities in the Western world. Due to its longevity in the world of business and finance, candlestick patterns are often one of the first things that traders learn to utilize. However, a basic knowledge of these formations may not be enough for many traders to use them to bring about successful results.

Advanced Candlestick Pattern Analysis

Whilst the simplest candlestick patterns can be successfully recognized by virtually any trader regardless of experience, there are some more advanced patterns which require a bit more skill to successfully identify and often these patterns can lead to excellent profits when interpreted correctly. Often these patterns can contain three or more candlesticks and they must contain very specific characteristics in order to work correctly.

Learn How to Day Trade Options For Profit and Wealth the Right Way

You have been looking for that one thing that can make your dreams come true, something you can do from the comfort of your home. Then you hear a new “buzz” word, trading ETO’s (Exchange Traded Options ). This is it, this is what you want to do and so you start researching and before long your head is spinning with total confusion.

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