New investment products appear on the market every day. They are designed to help you achieve your financial goals. With investment platforms, you can trade from anywhere in the world, whether it’s arbitrage trading or cryptocurrency trading. Anola is for anyone who feels like a winner, who understands the power and potential of cryptocurrencies. For those who live by the principle – don’t watch, act!

The Anola platform is a product of Anola Trading Company, a company specializing in software applications that ensures the safe storage and transfer of digital information.
The company’s developers have created one of the safest cryptocurrency platforms using the most reliable and efficient security technologies. Anola’s extensive experience in developing systems and programs to protect against digital attacks has allowed them to create the safest platform with secure digital wallets.
Anola’s mission is to contribute to the development of the digital technology industry by fostering innovation, by introducing new emerging technologies, thereby actively participating in the transformational changes of the global financial system.

The Anola team is assembled to provide customers with the best service and convenience, with a focus on security, availability, and functionality. Founders Lucas Hines CEO of Anola Trading and Jack Fowler Co-Founder and CFO of Anola Trading.

Lucas and Jack are at the top of the list of leading cybersecurity experts with extensive industry experience. They have climbed the management ladder from being a security manager and manager of security threat analysis and security engineering to running their own company.
Lucas Hines has long led the development of anti-malware and ecosystem security automation strategies to help protect customers from emerging and known threats. Lucas and Jack put all of their experience into building Anola’s most secure platform.
The Anola team consists of professionals with extensive experience, European education, and more than 10 years in the information technology industry. It is a well-chosen and well-coordinated team – and this is what will lead to the success of the cryptocurrency business.
The team consists of more than 50 people from different departments, all working on the development of Anola. This professional team has accumulated tremendous experience in the world of finance and business.

Anola is a platform that specializes in cryptocurrency trading and provides secure storage and transfer of digital information. Anola is an ideal solution if you are a fan of fast, effortless trading. Anola’s smart trading system allows you to set take profit and stop loss when you log in, receive strategy alerts and adjust orders with a single click.

To drive innovation in the blockchain industry, Anola supports both new crypto-assets such as Stellar, EOS, Neo, Nano, Cardano as well as the classics: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, and others.
The Anola platform provides its users with an ever-growing range of technologies, many digital tokens to fund their balance, available in their account after registration.

Algorithmic trading is a step of trading and trading technologies into the future. The average annual growth rate of the algorithmic trading market is 10.3%. Today about 75% of trades performed worldwide are automated, and most of them are algorithmic trades.

After logging into the Anola platform, you get your secure cold wallet for storing crypto-assets. They ensure that your deposits and transactions are as secure as possible. You are guaranteed to earn interest on crypto-assets with the Anola trading platform. All you have to do is choose one of the available assets. Receive interest and withdraw your funds. To get more, you can choose a floating rate deposit with a zero lock-in period or a fixed rate deposit with a higher yield.

Go to the main site and click “Create Account”, fill in the details of the registration form, and click “Sign Up”. You will receive an email for verification. Open the letter and click “Activate”.
To deposit in the “Wallets” section click on the button “Overview”, select a cryptocurrency, click on it to activate, and click on “Deposit”.
To create a deposit in the “Investments” section, click on “Algorithm”, enter the amount, select the number of days and click “Apply”. To invest in Bitcoin and Etherum plans in the “Investments” section, click on “Deposits” and select the desired plan.
To withdraw funds, click on the button “Overview” in the section “Wallets”, enter the cryptocurrency and click “Transactions”. You don’t have to specify the wallet for withdrawal. Just choose the payment system to which you are going to withdraw, and after the operation, the wallet will be saved automatically.

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