Axie Infinity’s Economy Is Broken | SLP Price Down 96%

SLP price is down big and still falling. AXS is also down over 50%. Short term solutions to @AxieInfinity’s economy are NOT solutions. Bellow are some of my ideas on how to cure Axie’s economy long term. #AxieEconBalance 🔔 Sub4more On Chain Gaming videos:

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0:00 Axie Team’s Plan to increase $SLP value
12:52 Short term SOLUTIONS Aren’t Solutions
13:14 #1 Axie burning / releasing
Creates fresh demand for SLP burning while creating a sync to push against Axie Inflation. Can be incentized through Axie part upgrading/ getting land resources before Lunacia’s release.
13:36 #2 Provide more utility for SLP. This will increase SLP burn rate while reducing the percentage of SLP used to breed Axies, lowering Axie inflation rate.
14:25 #3 Increase the value of “normal” Axies to increase the value of SLP. One easy way to do this is by making normal Axies more collectable. Add Axie season collections and other factors to make Axies born during different seasons rare. I.e. there will never be another “year 2” Axie
15:30 #4 Add full KYC to unlock earning. As a possibly idea, IDs required to work in each country could be necessary to unlock SLP earning on an account. Will kill botting and ensure one account per user.
16:36 #5 One of the biggest improvements necessary for long term economic sustainability is more fun. This is why I’m so glad @SkyMavisHQ had been focused on project K and battles v2. More fun = more money inflow into economy. If everyone wants out, value deflates.
When the economics and fun of owning Axies is good enough that most people have no desire to withdrawal their asset value out of Axie, the value held within Lunacia will really start to grow! So will the value of $SLP. Really rooting for the whole team!
18:22 Summing it all up

SLP could unlock cosmetics, or be wagered to increase the stakes of PVP matches (with some percent burned) as examples.

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⚠️ This video was created for entertainment purposes ONLY! This is not financial advice. While this video does reflect my honest opinions at the time of making this video, NFT’s and all unregulated crypto assets have risk.
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Thanks so much for watching this blockchain gaming video! In this video we talk about slp price prediction and give an slp update today. We also give an axs price prediction on the long term axie infinity economy.

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