Best Staking Rewards for Cosmos Ecosystem Tokens! | Which Cryptos to Stake & Earn Yield?!?!

00:00 Best Staking Rewards in Cosmos
02:45 How to Calculate Inflation Rewards
04:32 Osmosis OSMO 114.21%?
05:57 OSMO Rewards Incorrect??
06:56 Junochain JUNO 112.15%
08:42 Desmos Network DSM 77.8%
10:10 Sentinel DVPN 55.29%
12:12 Comdex CMDX 56.21%
14:05 Akash AKT 46.36%
15:47 Sifchain ROWAN 43.76%
17:11 Persistence XPRT 31.01%
19:04 Compounding Gains Potential
21:22 Calculation Considerations

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