Binance CZ vs WazirX Nischal Shetty – Fun Guranteed – Crypto Tamil

In this video, I have clearly explained and narrated about the twitter dispute between Binance CEO CZ and WazirX CEO Nischal Shetty. It might look intense but it turned out to be completely fun lol! I mean i feel bad for the situation but you should learn to have fun time to time when the correction situation comes (no pun intended).

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~Best Indian Exchanges: Established Ones~ [📲]
1. WazirX –​​​​
2. BitBns –​​​​
3. Zebpay –​​​​
4. CoinDcX –​​​​
5. LocalBitcoins –​​​​ (Peer to Peer)
6. Paxful –​​​​ (Peer to Peer)

~Best International Exchanges:~ [📲]
1. Huobi –​​​​
2. Binance –​​​​
3. OKEx –​​​​
4. Coinbase –​​​​
5. Kucoin –​​​​
6. BitYard –​​​​
7. FTX –​​​​

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