Binance IS NOT Buying FTX

I wanted to wait until it was official, so here it is a couple of moments ago CZ from Binance confirmed that they will not be purchasing the failing cryptocurrency exchange FTX. The FTX website is now no longer live.

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Should You Resend an Email to Those Who Didn’t Open Your First Message?

Don’t expect everyone on your list, even the most active subscribers, to read every message you send. This brings up a big question: Should you resend an email to those who didn’t open your first message?

When Honesty Being Observed, Supported In School and At Home

Teach me the right ways, and everything will be fine and dandy. Yes, with the right training, our kids would definitely be on the right path toward self-actualization journey. This trying time due to COVID-19 pandemic, we are peppered with lots of challenges, even to the point where values are being compromised just to survive and thrive. Well, whatever happens along the way, we should always be doing what is best for our sanity. Abiding to the values needed to have happy and contented life would surely make our journey meaningful and uplifting.

Pros and Cons of Distance Learning This COVID-19 Pandemic

Every day is a hassle. Yes, for a learner sans needed gadgets for online learning, the journey is somewhat difficult. However, with creativity so-called hardships become fun and meaningful experience. Read on and learn a thing or two.

What Is Automatic Pest Control?

What is Automatic Pest Control and how does it work? Learn how to control mosquitoes, fleas, ants, roaches, ticks and other pests – automatically – using ingredients from Nature herself!

What Is the Worst Time of Year for Mosquitoes?

When is the worst time of year for mosquitoes and why? Is it the diseases mosquitoes carry? You will be surprised!

Book Review: The Storm by Val Bardash

“The Storm” by Val Bardash is a beautifully written tale about intimacy in its many forms. Intimacy between family, friends, even strangers… and also the empty space between us. But above all else, the void that we all carry around within us. A bottomless black hole that we try to fill with love, tenderness, adventures, or writing.

Mother-Enmeshed Men: Does A Mother-Enmeshed Man Have A False Self?

If a man spends a lot of time doing things for his mother, he can come across as though he has no needs. Unlike a lot of people on the planet, then, he will be a selfless human being.

Will You Try To Become Your Best FRIEND?

Although, many refuse to admit it, our personal satisfaction, achievement, self – value, etc, is based on how much, we really, want to succeed, and, what we might, do about it! Have the nerve, to, take a clear, in – depth, objective look, and conduct a check – up, from the neck – up, and you will begin, the important process, of becoming your own, best FRIEND! Only, when someone, realizes, he must enhance his self – confidence, and be ready, to expand those self – imposed, limitations of one’s comfort zone, will he be able to make a difference, for the better,…

Why A Leader Must Put His Group On The Right PATH?

After. over four decades of involvement, in, nearly, everything related to leading, from identifying and qualifying, to training, developing, and consulting to thousands of actual, and/ or, potential leaders, I strongly believe, it is incumbent – upon, a true leader, to consistently, put his group, on the right PATH, which addresses current needs and perceptions, as well as creating the best chance, into the future! A real leader is ready, willing, and able to make well – considered decisions, which evaluates various options and alternatives, with an open – mind, and prioritizes, perceiving, conceiving, and implementing the best – possible, action plans,…

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