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Futures Volume and Open Interest

Volume and open interest are measures to gauge the liquidity of a futures market. This is important as trades can be executed and entered into positions faster if the market is more liquid. In futures trading, volume indicates the total amount of contracts or the total count of trades of contracts that have been traded for the day. A higher volume signifies a greater amount of contracts being traded. Volume is usually represented on the chart as a bar or candlestick.

Commodity Hedging – What Is It?

Commodity hedging is when a company decides to offset or eliminate risks due to the fluctuations in the raw material prices. This is a risk management strategy to protect against price fluctuations and against losses and well as protecting profits.

Futures Spreads

When a trader enters into a position whether long or short in the futures market, it is considered to be trading futures outright. On the other hand, if a trader or investor enters into a long and short position of the futures contract at the same time, it is considered to be trading futures spreads.

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