Bitcoin Breakout Confirmed! Best pattern indicate $80K BTC in the next 30 days!

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Good Morning E.T Fam! Krown aka Master Of The Charts is dropping off some morning gems! Start your morning off right by tuning in as he gives his expert technical analysis on the price movement of Bitcoin. If you want to know where we’re headed in the near future, it is essential that you watch, listen, and learn. Today, he is giving a masterclass on the pattern that will possibly take us to $80k. No one else brings the chart alpha like Krown does. Get your pens and pads ready, because Krown is breaking the charts down.

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DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice! This is an entertainment and opinion-based show. I am not a financial adviser. Please only invest what you can afford to lose, and we encourage you to do your own research before investing. DYOR

3 Tips That Can Help You Winning at Day Trading

The availability and accessibility of day trading does not imply that the whole thing is easy. For a beginner, it’s a pursuit that proves to be challenging. Needless to say, the financial risks are immense and it’s easy to lose faith in the face of continuous losses. But if you stay the path, and endure its unforgiving initiation, you stand to make a living off it. Here are a 3 tips to ensure that your start is as smooth as possible.

Binary Options – A Secure Investment for the Future

The pros and cons of Binary Options VS the pros and cons of Bitcoin as an investment. People do not usually associate these two instruments together. That’s why this article will explain the differences in order to bring understanding to the new and innovative world of cyber trading.

How to Exit a Trade Profitably

The entry and exit are where most losses occur for retail traders trading stocks and options. The better your entry and exit signals, the higher profits you will earn. Taking time to learn how to properly enter and exit a stock trade is something that will reap huge rewards for many years to come.

The Benefits of Trading Forex

The Benefits of Forex Compared to Regular Stocks Liquidity in the FX market means that there are far more trade setups compared to stocks. It also means that there is more money on the table. – (Approx. 3.98 Trillion Dollars are traded per day).

What to Expect in Your First Month of E-Mini Trading

So you have decided to trade, either as a full time trader or as a hobby, then found someone who has the experience to teach you properly, and have been dreaming of untold riches trading the ES contract. You’ve funded your e-mini futures account with a tidy sum and are ready for your first real money trade. I want to point out from the onset that e-mini trading is not a get rich quick scheme; it takes training, discipline and a sense of logic that evades many new traders;

Volume and Support and Resistance Points in E-Mini Trading

As a long time e-mini Trader, I believe that volume is one of the most neglected variables in trading. Granted, the average trader does not have a wealth of information on volume trading at his or her disposal because volume has long been poorly understood or downright ignored.

How Long Does It Take to Become a Competent and Consistent E-Mini Trader?

If there is a question that I am consistently asked when individuals inquire about my trading program it is “How long till I am making big bucks?” Conversely, if there is a question that is more impossible to answer it would be the same question.

3 Ways to Devastate and Blowout Your E-Mini Trading Account

The majority of my members make peace with trading through success; but there is a minority group of traders plow into e-mini trading like a Brahma bull in a china shop, usually against my advice. I firmly believe that all traders can achieve some level of success if they are willing to take the time and understand the trader’s mindset.

How Much Money Do I Need to Learn to Be an E-Mini Trader?

This is probably one of the critical problems that beginning e-mini traders face. Undercapitalization leaves a trader with very little “wiggle room” for errors while learning to trade. I’ve seen traders start with $2000 in the e-mini futures trading account and successfully build the account to a more workable size, but that is an extremely rare exception. No matter how much coaching and mentoring provided, e-mini trading is still an intensely personal road of discovery.

Adjusting Indicators for Downtrends

How fast the price will fall is dependent on many factors but the most important factor is always the number of High Frequency Traders that trigger the sell-off. The downtrend can drop with low volume, and can at times gap down through technical support levels. This is due to how and where the retail crowd and the smaller funds set their stop losses.

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