Bitcoin Halving Analysis [Important] We are officially in a Bear Market Now! Crypto Tamil

In this video, I have clearly explained the halving cycle of Bitcoin price which it is following since 2012. I have spent a lot of time collecting the data to present it to you guys! I hope this is helpful for you.

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~Best Indian Exchanges: Established Ones~ [📲]
1. WazirX –​​​​
2. BitBns –​​​​
3. Zebpay –​​​​
4. CoinDcX –​​​​
5. LocalBitcoins –​​​​ (Peer to Peer)
6. Paxful –​​​​ (Peer to Peer)

~Best International Exchanges:~ [📲]
1. Huobi –​​​​
2. Binance –​​​​
3. OKEx –​​​​
4. Coinbase –​​​​
5. Kucoin –​​​​
6. BitYard –​​​​
7. FTX –​​​​

~Best Hardware Wallets~ [🔒]
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Indigenous COVID-19 Vaccine Covaxin Approved In India For Kids Of Two To Eighteen Years of Age!

This comes as a big positive breakthrough in light of the reopening of schools across India and the urgent need of vaccinating the children so that they do not become carriers of the virus and bring it home to jeopardize the elders of the families. Further, in the much feared Third Wave of the pandemic in India that can actually break out after the festival season there has been a concern that the kids would be the worst affected section of the population…

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Memories: The Generous Book-Stall Owners Down The Ages!

Well, two mandatory clarifications here: first, I’ve titled my piece not after Sen’s great book which means that this is not going to be a review, but just a story, and I’m still going through the book which, in my view, is of epic proportions, particularly in relation to the history, culture, economics and heritage of Bengal from the pre-partition days; and second, there can absolutely be no imaginable comparison between the living legend and this nonentity, as I said this is just a story of a resemblance that I find greatly amusing and interesting…

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