Bitcoin Is The Kenny Of Crypto (Twitter Gets Crypto)

They say those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. And it seems Bitcoin is no exception. Yep, September has typically been month to forget for the crypto markets. And so far it seems the trend has continued in tact: it’s all looking like a pretty typical end to Q3. Flash crashes. Fear and Panic. China banning Bitcoin for the millionth time. But the market is holding its nerve. Why? Because if history is set to rhyme, as many believe it will, then these could be the last moments of quiet before a pretty insane storm. The launch pad for a Q4 of truly epic proportions.

0:00 Intro (History Lesson Inbound)
0:52 Bitcoin is the Kenny of Crypto
1:26 BTC Over the Month of September
2:48 BTC China Ban is Old News
5:07 Recent Bullish News For Bitcoin (Jack Dorsey Flavored)
7:04 Bitcoin is looking a little…green 🙂

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Trading Oil Will Set You Free

We all search for a way to become financially free. Financial freedom equals personal freedom and personal freedom equals happiness and fulfillment. The ability to get what we want out of life and to give to those we love the things they want out of life. Financial freedom also gives up power and all the trappings that come with power. The ability to influence our friends and business associates, the ability to show off and increase our attractiveness to the opposite sex.

Allowing Your Profits to Run

There is a process in trading which allows traders to flourish or flounder in their own emotions. The market brings forward our strengths and weaknesses. One of those weaknesses is not allowing your profits to run.

China’s Stance on the Dollar Needs to Soften

One of the major explanations for the dollar’s sharp dip over the past ten days is China’s very public expression of support for the euro and a desire to see Europe overcome its sovereign debt crisis. In terms of both talk and money, China faced down the euro shorts when the single currency broke down through 1.30 and was looking decidedly fragile.

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