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The Pros and Cons of Day Trading

It is not surprising why many are getting into the day trading business. Of course, money is the primary reason why people join the bandwagon. But like any other business, there are disadvantages as well. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of day trading. The first advantage is being able to work at your own pace, on your own terms.

Futures Trading Is Better When You Start Out In A Simulator

Before you begin trading the futures market you had better make sure you know what you are doing before you take the plunge. One way to get an edge is to trade in a simulator module before risking your own money. Some brokerage houses provide practice modules with up to a $50,000 test account. Although your trades do not go to the exchange, you get to experience trading in real time. It’s as close to the real thing as it gets. And the best part is you can make mistakes without suffering the consequences.

Can’t Stop Trading? – You Might Be Addicted

For many, trading is a passion. Successful traders love their job and feel a thrill when they complete a winning trade. But, just as gamblers can become addicted to the slot machines or poker tables, so can traders become addicted to trading. It’s a fine line – Kimberly Young, a Pittsburgh psychologist and founder of the Center for Online Addiction, says compulsive online traders are overwhelmingly young and male, are big risk-takers, and trade heavily on margin (using money borrowed from their brokerage).

The Myth of Automated Day Trading Systems

There is a widespread rumor in the financial community that successful day trading can be manually programmed and automated to produce vast profits for minimal work and input on the part of traders, providing a regular and consistent income by simply setting up a system, clicking a button to turn it on, and walking away. This is NOT true. I myself am just one of the many victims of this ‘automated trading system’ myth.

What It Takes To Be A Day Trading Expert

Day trading is one of the more popular businesses in today’s market. We’ve seen people whose lives have improved in just a couple of weeks or months all because of it. But on the same note, we’ve also heard of people who’ve lost thousands of dollars in one day. The key, therefore, is to be an expert day trader. But how does one become one?

Put Options and Power Ratings – Investing, Even in A Falling Market

With all the talk about recessions, a mortgage crisis, a stressed credit market, and the falling value of the dollar in the United States it would appear that the stock market is definitely a place to avoid putting your money. While this may be generally true in the short run for the market as a whole, in the long run things will even out. But if you are the type that cannot wait that long there are other avenues you may take to invest profitably such as put options or short term trading.

Common Fatal Mistakes in Day Trading – Part 2

The majority of traders acknowledge the need for certainty. They always want to be sure that they are entering a winning trade. Theoretically, everyone can profit from any trade. The difference lies on “when” they decide to enter. Some people wait too long, some impulsively gets in too early. There should be a good mixture of timing and necessary indicators to help you spot the trade that will give you the money.

Common Fatal Mistakes in Day Trading – Part 1

Each trader has a risk capital but sometimes the trade calls for them to go overboard and use the money that they do not have, they are afraid to lose or simply the money that should not be used in the trade. These include money for college tuition, bills and payments that were allocated to some other uses beforehand. Day trading is such a tricky business that if someone is not careful enough, he might end up in a ditch wondering where he could borrow some money to continue the trade or how he could make up for the money he lost. There are two main objectives in this trade- to be able to trade for another day and profit from the trades you make for today.

Can You Actually Earn By Day Trading?

This is a common question to those who have no idea what day trading is, or those who may have heard of the topic but have not actually tried it. Experts and those who have actually benefited from this type of business are sure to answer in the affirmative, while those who have suffered losses are quick to say no. So in order to arrive at a sensible answer, we need to understand how it works and how traders can profit from it.

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