BSCScan Complete Tutorial – How To Use BSCScan – Full Guide


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In this video, we will learn everything about the website BSCScan (Same as EtherScan and PolyScan, etc..).
We will learn how to read transactions, how to track wallets, contracts and monitor the flow of the money and the tokens on the Binance Smart hain network.
We will also learn how to track our own wallet and see what kind of tokens we have and what transactions we send and received.
Working with blockchain trackers like BSCScan, EtherScan, PolygonScan, etc, is very important and if you know how to read transactions and track wallets and smart contracts, your level of understanding in DEFI will be much higher.
You will be able to understand your investments, your trades, and the functions that you call in smart contracts, instead of being a noob who is just clicking buttons and doesn’t understand what it does in the backend.
Also, tracking the blockchain using websites like BSCScan, you can find good trading and investments opportunities by tracking relevant interesting wallets.
This guide should cover you and give very good fundamentals in order to start monitoring and tracking DEFI and blockchains.


BSCScan Website (Binance Smart Chain):

EtherScan (Ethereum Blockchain):

PolygonScan (Polygon Chain):


00:00 Intro
01:15 Main BSCScan View
03:25 Tracking Wallets
06:30 Tracking Wallet’s Transactions
08:10 Analyzing Single Transaction
10:20 Tracking BEP20 Tokens Transfers
12:25 Analyzing Smart Contracts
18:30 Interacting With Smart Contracts
21:30 Summary

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I am just sharing my knowledge and my findings.

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