Can Bitcoin Be Palestine’s Currency of Freedom?

The situation in Palestine is dire, no matter how you look at it. A lack of independence has resulted in a treacherous reliance on outside authorities, most notably, Israel. In a recent article, Alex Gladstein peered into this economic terrain to see how Bitcoin might be able to address and solve this issue. Is it possible to mitigate the situation and create a clean break for Palestine to become more self-sufficient for both business and citizens? Today’s conversation is an exploration of Alex’s article, ‘Can Bitcoin Be Palestine’s Currency Of Freedom?’, extrapolating some key connected topics and implications. We weave through how the deprivation of normal services have become a reality for many Palestinians, while addressing how the authoritarian management of money through Palestine effectively curbs any meaningful agency its people wish to attain. Our panel shares some first-hand experiences from the West Bank and Gaza, addressing how corruption is exasperating the problems facing Palestinians. Join us to listen to the issue of education, the sharing of information about Bitcoin, anonymity, and so much more.

Commodity Market Manipulation – Contrived Cotton Chaos Considered

It’s no wonder that people get upset with what goes on in Chicago with all the commodity market manipulation, it’s as if they run under separate rules, and use their money streams and clout to create contrived controversy in the media to lower or raise prices as needed, then secure large trades to capitalize on the mess they’ve stirred up. Okay so, let’s talk.

Analyzing the Market Using the Gann Technique

People who are involved in the trading business need some tools in order for them to determine market trends. One of the best tools that they can make use of is the Gann Technique. Expert traders know that the market trends follow a definite pattern and that they can predict possible levels where the prices may go up or go down.

The Threat of US Gas Exporting Is Causing Ripples In International Markets

Well, natural gas prices have sure come down in the US, and due to the newest extraction technologies, we seem to have an abundance of gas. Of course, I could have told you that just by watching the politics on TV I suppose. But all jokes aside this has been a bonanza for the American people, lower prices sure help in the colder states in the winter time, they also assist in cleaning the air as more and more energy electricity generation companies run their turbines on natural gas rather than firing up coal.

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