Cardano Grows by the Day (Altcoin Making BIG Progress

Cardano is growing, and through the weeds and vines are many exciting opportunities that are even bringing Cardano detractors to its side. Today, I give you a rundown of what the introduction of smart contracts means for Cardano, along with highlighting several projects taking advantage of the platform to bring new and exciting forms of mining to the crypto ecosystem.

0:00 Intro
0:57 Smart Contracts
2:28 NFT Projects and Caution
4:14 Future App Stores
5:32 Detractors Won Over
6:35 Charles in Charge

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The Effects of Globalization on Oil Drilling Operations Worldwide

Globalization has given rise to a number of industries, changing the overall scenario of the world market. This affects the relationship between countries, which creates a huge impact on international trade. Now big companies can import and export products services without any hassles. Oil and gas drilling companies are not an exception. Oil manufacturers and producers have started to obtain mining and drilling rights worldwide. All this has become possible only because of globalization.

What Investors Should Know About the Banking Crisis

Fears of a banking crisis are making global stock and bond markets extraordinarily volatile – and with good reason. Credit downgrades, combined with a variety of other factors put investors in a scary scenario – but here are things investors can do to safeguard their investments.

Overvalued US Treasuries

US 10 year Treasury Notes are overvalued relative to the S&P 500. Yields have been forced too low due to their safe haven nature, and as such the impending US inflationary spike will see them move significantly higher in the medium term.

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