Cardano NFTs – How To Get Started & Profit For Beginners

What if I told you could get started in NFTs for under $100? It’s 100% true and I show you step by step in this easy tutorial.

Exchanges to buy Cardano ADA:

JPG Store:

NAMI Wallet:

CNFT Tools:

0:00:00 Setup
0:00:24 Intro
0:01:01 Cardano
0:01:40 Get Account
0:02:14 Signed In
0:03:00 Nomi Wallet
0:03:25 Wallet
0:04:00 First Transation
0:04:53 The Marketplace
0:06:04 Getting Started
0:07:28 Found It
0:08:04 See The NFT
0:08:22 Breakdown

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is a decentralized third-generation proof-of-stake blockchain platform and home to the ada cryptocurrency. It is the first blockchain platform to evolve out of a scientific philosophy and a research-first driven approach.

The Cardano platform has been designed from the ground up and verified by an industry-leading combination of top engineers and academic experts in the fields of blockchain and cryptography. It has a strong focus on sustainability, scalability, and transparency. It is a fully open source project that aims to deliver an inclusive, fair, and resilient infrastructure for financial and social applications on a global scale. One of its primary goals is to bring reliable, secure financial services to those people who do not currently have access.

Cardano has been designed with security as one of its founding principles. It is written in Haskell, a functional programming language. In a functional language like Haskell, building your system using pure functions is encouraged, which leads to a design where components are conveniently testable in isolation. Furthermore, advanced features of Haskell enable us to employ a whole range of powerful methods for ensuring correctness of the code, such as basing the implementation on formal and executable specifications, extensive property-based testing, and running tests in simulation.

Cardano is developing a smart contract platform which seeks to deliver more advanced features than any protocol previously developed and will serve as a stable and secure platform for the development of enterprise-level dApps. In the near future, Cardano will use a democratic governance system that allows the project to evolve over time, and fund itself in a sustainable way through a visionary treasury system.

You can read more about Cardano on the official Cardano website and watch a summary of the mission of Cardano in this explainer video. If you are looking for a user-friendly wallet for Cardano, please take a look at Daedalus for a desktop wallet or Yoroi for a mobile wallet.

Almighty God Intervened, and Intervenes, Spectacularly – And Continues to Do So Today

After all the rather hard and harsh truths which Isaiah was given to proclaim during his lengthy prophetic ministry, God places these words in his heart. We are reading here of how God would intervene spectacularly. As we approach this season which many call ‘Advent’ – in a year which has been like no other – we so need the comforting grace of our gracious God and the love of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit – and where better to open our hearts than to the truth and truths of Scripture. Isaiah senses that the Spirit of the Lord God was upon him. Isaiah knew he was anointed by God – that can make a man speak out boldly and courageously – that can also make a man tremble. When you do speak out you tremble – and when you do not speak out you tremble. Without the Spirit of God we would not have any live living message to preach – and without the Spirit of God we cannot receive and embrace the word which is preached and proclaimed. The good news of God needs the Holy Spirit’s anointing.

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Jesus says to His disciples – “Do not worry”. Jesus is not teaching His disciples not to care – nor to do nothing – but He is teaching them not to worry. The birds have to go and find their food. Do not let your lives be dominated, ruined, or spoiled by worry – Jesus tells us why. Jesus is teaching disciples about anxiety. Some six times, in this short passage, Jesus refers to being anxious – or worried. Worry come from an old English word meaning to strangle or choke. Jesus is challenging disciples about our pride – our faithlessness – the ways in which we can be so easily distracted. This is not a nice psychological message. This is not some sweet and honey coated teaching. He is challenging our pride and faithlessness and independence. Jesus sets before us a path – and a way to live – so that we can be fruitful disciples.

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Going Pro – The Annual Market Revenue of Motivational Speaking

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