Cardano Price Prediction! News coming…

 In this post, I will be talking a little bit about what’s been going on recently with ADA Cardano as well as the entire market.

If we take a look at the entire market we’re seeing green across the board bitcoin above 43 000 just a second ago. Now a little bit below but like I said green across the board we’re seeing a 24 increase in ICP. We’re seeing a nine percent increase in filecoin, an eight percent increase in Polkadot like I said.

It’s looking very good and I want to talk a little bit though about specifically ADA Cardano as we see a 2.63 across the market ADA Cardano is only up 2.35.

However, we’re going to continue on this steady increase, I think you know there are going to be downfalls.

So jumping into Cardano specifically I want to jump first into the Cardano summit 2021. That is going to be a big reason why Cardano in my opinion has a huge outbreak later this year. We also have a couple more things to look at so if we go to Cardano’s subreddit we can see Iohk partner world mobile update. This was three days ago talking about the equipment that has landed on the ground in Zanzibar and our team is preparing to begin deployment in the next few days.

So realize this could happen any day now. You know this equipment landing on the ground in Zanzibar and our team preparing to begin deployment in the next few days this could be huge.

We’ve seen a lot of people excited about this you know growth in some of these areas is needed and I think this is exactly what we want to see happen so jumping into the next one.

Let’s go quickly into ADA Cardano on the verge of dominating Asia as Aydah finally gets approval for listing in the tough Japanese market. So the fact that Cardano now is available in Asia it is going to continue to show or shed light on how big and important Cardano’s s future could be for a lot of these areas.

Cardano has been approved for listing in a Japanese cryptocurrency exchange called Bitpoint. Which makes it one of the few other digital assets listed on Japanese exchanges trading of Ada Cardano on the exchange.

It will start late this month according to an announcement made today by Bitpoint on its website. Although Bitpoint did not reveal much information or plans about the new listing. It reiterated optimism in Ada saying that it will be an expected project.

It appears that the crypto exchange is banking on Cardano’s benefits including huge scalability far beyond what Ethereum can currently handle. This is because smart contracts are a huge bet for decentralized applications.

Cardano smart contracts will launch in September once the update is up so we are seeing a lot of people talking about smart contracts as well a big reason as to why a lot of people are interested in ADA Cardano.

Bitcoin (BTC)
Rank: 1
$ 28,316.59
Price (BTC)
$ 547.72 B
$ 31.24 B
24h Change
Total Supply
21.00 M BTC

Also, there is an upcoming major upgrade on the network it could also affect price in the coming hours. Even as Cardano calmed down from a rally that has then seen it add 30 increase in price value since July 20th.

If you take a look into ADA Cardano graph since July the price is increasing day by day. So with the upcoming network updates and Cardano’s conferences all around the world, I would invest a little bit into Cardano.


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Bitcoin (BTC) $ 28,316.59 2.00%
Ethereum (ETH) $ 1,802.53 3.30%
Tether (USDT) $ 1.01 0.38%
BNB (BNB) $ 339.93 2.51%
USD Coin (USDC) $ 1.00 0.37%
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