What Covid Lockdowns and Disruptions in Europe Signal to the U.S. | WSJ

What Covid Lockdowns and Disruptions in Europe Signal to the U.S. | WSJ

Some countries in Europe are finding vaccinations aren’t enough, as Covid cases surge Lockdowns, vaccine…

New Covid variant with high number of mutations found

South African health authorities have discovered a new Covid-19 variant named B.1.1.529 that appears to…

This Morning’s Top Headlines | Morning News NOW

Cases of Covid-19 are climbing in parts of the country amid holiday gatherings, the World…

Fears grow that Russia could invade its neighbour

CNN’s Fred Pleitgen joins an artillery boat in the Sea of Azov with the Ukrainian…

NASA Launches DART Mission In First Asteroid Deflection Test

NASA launched its Double Asteroid Redirection Test, or DART, from Vandenberg Space Force Base in…

How Biden’s oil reserve plan will likely lower gas prices in weeks

Jared Bernstein, member of the White House council of economic advisers, joins CNN to discuss…

An Inside Look at the U.S. Strategy in Guam to Counter China’s Growing Threat

The U.S. Army is testing the Iron Dome on Guam. WSJ’s Shelby Holliday got a…

CNN reporter fact-checks Biden after he calls a report ‘garbage’

CNN’s Daniel Dale fact-checks President Biden about a Wall Street Journal report that said the…

Rudy Giuliani challenged under oath on his election lies

CNN obtained exclusive video that shows Trump adviser Rudy Giuliani, attorney Sidney Powell and others…

See what three degrees of global warming looks like

If global temperatures rise three degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, the results would be catastrophic….

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