Clover Health Investments Corp aka Clov Stock (Ticker CLOV) led by CEO Vivek Garipalli has recently hit all-time lows. The stock price has been getting absolutely hammered, shorts are continuing to short the stock & it doesn’t seem to have bottomed out. Clover Health shareholders & WallStreetBets are still holding the stock but the future looks bleak. However, Chamath Palihapitiya who recently sold 15% of his Sofi position has used some of that freed-up capital to plow into Clov Stock at these all-time lows and hold the line with Clover Health shareholders. Chamath Palihapitiya known as the SPAC king has been facing a lot of criticism in the media lately for always selling his positions in the SPACs he takes public so it is extremely refreshing to see him come back to Clover Health (CLOV) which he did help take public & put his money where his mouth is. On top of this, we cover all the other reasons that could have led Clover Health (Clov Stock) to take this nosedive in its stock price. Like Clov’s announcement of its common stock offering a week after reporting its Q3 2021 results which had investors shook considering they did already have hundreds of millions in the bank at the time. If you like this type of content then be sure to like & subscribe for more! We cover all things stocks/stock news!

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00:00 Chamath Joins Fight Against Short Sellers
00:20 CLOV Stock Price Down Bad :/
00:40 Chamath Goes Back Into Trenches
00:50 Welcome To Wealth Gambit
01:18 Video Overview
01:42 What Is Clover Health?
02:14 Chamath Palihapitiya Explains How CLOV Works
03:17 CLOV Q3 Earnings Highlights
04:25 What Analysts Rate CLOV Stock
04:47 CLOV Common Stock Offering Raises Questions
05:05 ⅕ of CLOV Stock Held By Insiders
05:27 8.92% of Float is Still Shorted
05:44 Our Thoughts

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