CNN reporter fact-checks Biden after he calls a report ‘garbage’

CNN’s Daniel Dale fact-checks President Biden about a Wall Street Journal report that said the Biden administration is considering financial settlements for families separated at the border. #CNN #News

Stock Assault 2.0 Artificial Intelligence for Your Portfolio

If you’re like most people, short on time, can’t sit in front of the computer screen and watch the stock market all day, Stock Assault may be just what you’re looking for. Even better, if you’re also short on money, this doesn’t require you to invest thousands of dollars right off the bat to get started, and if you do, well that just makes your journey to financial independence even shorter.

The Option Wiz – No Nonsense Option Trading

The Option Wiz, just like the name says is an options trading service operated by two gentleman, Mike and Dan who together have over 29 years of experience trading stocks and options. Anything from simple call/put plays to diagonal spreads to butterfly spreads, it’s all here allowing you to profit no matter what the market is doing.

The Penny Stock Prophet $1,000 to $1 Million

Alright, here’s what my barber is always asking me about, penny stocks. Well, here we have the Penny Stock Prophet. So who is The Penny Stock Prophet? He is James Connelly, a college dropout, who has been interested in the stock market since he was a teenager. His father taught him to read charts and quarterly earnings reports, and on his 16th birthday, bought him a subscription to The Wall Street Journal.

How Much Money Is Needed To Begin Emini Day Trading?

Emini day trading has a few requirements to get started ranging from skill, to finance, and personality. Having these qualities from the start makes the process easier, since they are all important in order to be successful.

Mindfulness: The Most Important Trading Psychology Skill for Traders

Recent research shows traders can actually change their brain for the better through mindfulness practice. This article explains the research and how to develop mindfulness.

Forex Brokers And Their Issues

This article is an embodiment of issues surrounding the Forex brokers of today. It seeks to help individual forex traders to be fully aware of the problems they may face if they fail to seek professional assistance or by simply doing proper searches on line to help them, find the right forex broker to go with. It also discusses the various types of brokers available and even offers decisions on which type traders could end up doing business with.

Some Basics of Futures Trading

People often get confused between futures trading and stock market trading. There are many differences between the two. However, the underlying concept of both the trades is same.. But the difference lies in what you are buying and what you are selling. In futures trade, one actually enters in a contract to buy or sell certain assets in future but price is decided at the time of making contract.

Futures Trading – New Practice of Trading

This trading is basically a standardized form of contract between two parties. The contracts are dealt on future exchange. Underlying commodities are sold in the future at a fixed price.

Day Trading – What Should Be Considered Before You Try This Type of Investing

Day trading has become very popular over the years, but many wonder if one can make a living engaging in this activity. This is possible as many have earned millions by focusing on exactly this type of investing. What one must realize though is that those who do achieve success in this field are serious about their investment strategies.

Building Trading Systems Using Automatic Code Generation

As more and more traders have moved to automated trading, the interest in systematic trading strategies has increased. While some traders develop their own trading strategies, the steep learning curve required to develop and implement a trading system is an impediment to many traders. A recently developed solution to this problem is the use of computer algorithms to automatically generate trading system code.

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