COINSPAID – What is CoinsPaid – How it Works – CoinsPaid Review

COINSPAID – What is CoinsPaid – How it Works – CoinsPaid Review
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Today I’ll tell you about CoinsPaid, the world’s biggest crypto payment provider, and their token, CPD. CoinsPaid won many awards, including Payment Provider of the Year. It works with more than 800 merchants, who have 7 million end customers.

CoinsPaid is the biggest crypto gateway in the world – this has been confirmed by on-chain transaction analysis performed. So it’s very different from most crypto startups that have very little traction. And according to one of their latest posts CoinsPaid has processed 18.9 million transactions for a total of 10.28 billion euros through the last years. This means that nowadays the company processes about 7% of all on-chain transactions in Bitcoin.

CoinsPaid is working to bring big online businesses into DeFi. It’s an ambitious goal, but I think they are the only ones who can pull it off. Businesses can already stake CPD tokens to get huge discounts on processing fees – up to 50%.

CoinsPaid will also soon integrate CPD utility into its personal crypto wallet, there will be an option to buy crypto with a card, also recurrent payments, buying gift cards, even pay utility bills with crypto – and the CPD token will have utility in all these products.

The best about CPD, in my opinion, is that the potential demand is so huge.

Even before the advertising campaign started, the project was ranked number one among all crypto processing companies, and not many people know about it. So, processing 7% of all transactions on the Bitcoin chain is just the beginning. And now Coinspaid is starting to invest in marketing so that everyone knows about it. I advise you to pay attention to the project now in order to get there before everyone else.

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