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Critical Thinking: Does Society Want Empowered Victims?

After something ‘bad’ has happened, it can be normal for the mainstream media to assess what has happened through the victim/perpetrator lens. One person or a number of people will be victims, whilst another person or a number of people will be perpetrators.

Why Acupuncture Is Necessary When Faced With Infertility

Acupuncture has been used for 2500 years to help those faced with fertility challenges. Find out why.

5 Things A Real Estate CMA Must Consider!

Whether, you are a homeowner, who decides to sell your home, or a qualified buyer, seeking to purchase, a home, of your own, it makes sense to hire, a quality, professional, real estate agent, to effectively, serve and represent you, your needs, and priorities, and personal, best interests! One of the first, essential steps, in this process, should be using, a professionally designed, relevant, realistic, well – explained, Competitive Market Analysis, or CMA, in order to guide you, towards, the smartest strategy, to use, in terms of pricing, marketing, selling, and/ or, buying, and proceeding, in a well – focused,…

5 Reasons Some Continue To Refuse To Wear Masks!

You might think, after this past year, and witnessing the horrific impacts of this pandemic, almost everyone, would want to become a part of the solution, rather than, making the problem, worse! One might understand, perhaps, in the initial stages, when, the former President, referred to it, as a hoax, and offering statements, indicating, his denial, and supposed – beliefs, but, at this point, it just doesn’t seem, to make any sense! I fully understand, and appreciate, the syndrome, many feel, which is often referred to, as Pandemic Fatigue, but, on the other hand, being tired of it, and the…

5 Reasons Constituents Prefer Leaders Who Respect Them!

We often hear/ observe, certain individuals, in positions of leadership, complain about receiving, what they consider, a lack of respect, from their stakeholders! However, the reality is, this is a two – way street, and one must be respectful to others, consistently, in order to receive it, back, from them! Why should anyone, be ready, willing, and/ or, able, to respect you, unless/ until, you make them feel, respected, as well?

Carbon Bikes, a Better Chance to the Future

Many people have started using carbon bicycle which is different from the bikes most of us have used before. Carbon bike has become much more desirable than the aluminum bikes. Many people believe that carbon folding bike which is in trend nowadays, is not very durable and can get very easily damaged.

The Experts’ Guide to Animal Crossing: New Horizon

The eighth and the latest game of the animal crossing series Animal Crossing: New Horizon, or the term you might be more familiar with, ACNH is a video game originated by the Nintendo gaming association. The game starts with us being a human character in the game where the village animals act like normal humans and perform regular human activities like hunting, fishing, etc. There are many characters in the game which perform different functions to make the game more enjoyable.

Microsoft DP-100 Exam Guide to Success

Data science career is rapidly booming in the IT industry. Data scientists are more in demand due to the increasing demand. It is the best time to start learning data science.

CBD Oil and the Benefits

Cannabis sativa or Cannabis indica are extracted to make CBD oil. According to some, CBD oil is used in treating pain and helps in reducing anxiety. It is the same as marijuana but does not cause any psychological effects.

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