Icy White/Frosted Rose Gold Visa Card Review – WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW Icy White/Frosted Rose Gold Visa Card review. We’ll be going over the benefits, risks, upsides and downsides. Is it a scam? Is it legit? Is it worth it? It has NO FEES and its free to apply and have your card delivered.

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The benefits to this card already compete with most debit cards. Most other banks and checking accounts don’t offer 1 percent cash back or 1% APY on your money, let alone 5%. Many banks had their interest rates reduced because the feds cut rates. MCO is NOT a bank!

**THERE IS A DELAY IN GETTING YOUR CARD SHIPPED at the time of uploading I have JUST received my card after THREE ENTIRE months of applying for the debit card! Please be patient!**

Requires $40,000 USD (here in the USA) staked for 180 days in CRO cryptocurrency in order to receive benefits, after the 6 month period if you do not restake you will LOSE ALL benefits and you will receive 1.75% cashback instead of 5% until you restake your CRO!

Be aware that cashback benefits with ANY tier of these debit cards are ONLY paid in CRO crypto! They aren’t given to you in fiat money (USD, Euros etc), ONLY in CRO coin! Subscription rebates are reimbursed to you after you are charged for the monthly service!

The benefits to the card are:

– 5% cashback PAID IN CRO to your App Wallet on eligible purchases.
– Private
– 100% Amazon Prime rebate
– 100% Spotify Premium rebate
– 100% Netflix rebate
– Earn bonus interest
– Airport Lounge Access +1 guest



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