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Will Brent-WTI Spread Dry Away?

Brent is an index for crude oil which represents the average daily prices of trading based on based on 21 days BFOF market in relevant delivery month. Most of the European and Asian market deliveries are based on Brent price index. Whereas on the other hand West Texas Intermediate which is more popularly known as WTI is American benchmark for crude prices. Traditionally there always has been a gap or a spread between the two indices which is characterized by regional economic influence. Brent Oil originates in the region of North Sea and is typically shipped to European and Asian markets on the other hand WTI is originated in Texas and southern Oklahoma and has North American continent as its supply base.

History Of The Commodity Market

The commodities market is both a wholesale and retail market. The term commodity is a generic term for all natural resources used in the industry for the production of finished or semi-finished products, either as components or as energy entering cycle of production or delivery of the product.

Great Ideas For Home-Based Work

If you dream of working from your home, there are plenty of employment options available. Here are a few of the best ideas for home workers.

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