Crypto for beginners

In this video, we’re going to talk about crypto
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00:00 Intro
01:16 What is bitcoin
04:37 Why bitcoin and crypto are controversial
07:07 The safest way to store your crypto
10:56 Bitcoin is a speculative bubble
14:17 Portfolio allocation

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Day Trading Systems – Use One and You Will Lose Your Money Quickly!

I am a forex trader and believe me day trading systems are simply a great way to lose your money.I see lots of day trading systems and its great copy, but I always look for a track record of real profits not a back tested simulation and whenever I ask for one I don’t get it.Why?Day trading systems simply never make profits for their users over the long term.

Up One Day – Down One Day: Stock Market Trading

Does the market mislead investors one day to sucker the same investor the following day? Or, does the stock market inform beyond immediate perception?

Day Trading Stock and Forex Markets?

What is leverage? Financial markets are leveraged. For example, in equities standard margin is set at 2:1. This means a trader must put up at least $100 to have control off $200 worth of stock.

Day Trading: 3 Powerful Strategies to Make Money in 2007

Unlike buying stocks of a company and waiting for a long period of time as the company grows to obtain profit, Forex day trading is a simple method of increasing your return as you buy, sell, enter and close out transactions on the same day. This is not an investment one makes to let it grow over time, as exchange rates fluctuate too fast. Here are the best ways to gain profit from Forex in the year to come.

Day Trading Chatrooms And Forums: What To Watch Out For

Many day traders have been lured into at least one of the many active day trading chatrooms or online discussion forums at one time or another. Although it may be very tempting to jump into an online discussion to try and grab a hot tip or the latest news, try and remember that these places also have inherent dangers you should be aware of. With that in mind, here are several important points that you should consider before entering and engaging in any day trading chatroom or forum…

FOREX Day Trading – Why You Will Lose Your Money

FOREX Day trading sounds good in theory, but in practice few succeed as the odds are simply against you.Let’s look at day trading and see why it is not a good way to trade and some better ways to make profits from FOREX markets.

Covered Calls – Developing Exit Strategies and the Pains of STOP Orders

A good covered call trader needs to set exit strategies as soon as he enters any position. The goal is to maximize your gains and minimize your loses. However, this is often a challenging thing to do, and if done incorrectly can cause lots of pain.

Day Trading-Should I Apply This Strategy In My Forex Trading?

For they who are new to forex trading, without a direction, they will mostly end up with nothing in their hands but lost and regrets. In this article, I’ll try to clearly explain ‘what must traders know’ about this strategy so that at least there are questions answered…

FOREX Day Trading – Will Lose Your Money Quickly

FOREX day trading is big business and there are plenty of FOREX day trading systems, tip sheets and guru’s, who will promise you they can make you rich.The problem is the odds are you won’t make any money and worse lose still lose all your capital. Ask anyone selling to show you a real time track record and chances is are you won’t get one!FOREX day trading sounds good in theory but doesn’t work in practice. Here’s why.

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