CRYPTO NEWS: Latest BITCOIN News, ETHEREUM News, NFT News, Shiryo-Inu Dapp News

CRYPTO NEWS: Latest BITCOIN News, ETHEREUM News, NFT News, Shiryo-Inu Dapp News

CRYPTO NEWS: Latest BITCOIN News, ETHEREUM News, NFT News, Shiryo-Inu Dapp News
Bitcoin wipes out November gains amid brutal sell-off
After big gains, Bitcoin is struggling to stay in the black this November.

The cryptocurrency fell to an intraday low of $60,350 at 4:23 a.m. worldwide coordinated time on the Bitstamp exchange, dropping 5% within four hours.
This is the lowest the cryptocurrency has seen since Nov. 6. Ether underwent a sharper correction than Bitcoin, dropping to $4,249.
The two largest cryptocurrencies are down 10.8% from their recent record highs. Long positions worth $287.84 million were liquidated in four hours, according to Coinglass.
Bitcoin reverses November gains

The Shiryo – Inu Dapp app has been launched and new conceptual gameplay footage has been released!
The Shiryo-Inu Dapp app was recently launched to provide the ability to mint card packs

Shiryo-Inu is the latest community-oriented token to be launched on the Ethereum network! After listening to their community who were having problems with mining, the team has added the option to connect a wallet with very fast processing! Shiryo – Inu is approaching 20,000 holders.
The concept of the game may change slightly as development progresses, but ultimately the team is introducing a full-featured DAPP that will allow you to mint trading packs, each containing a random combination of cards.
The first collection to be launched will be the Shiryo collection. Each pack will contain five random cards. As the team develops, the team plans to release new collections to further improve gameplay and user enjoyment.
Players connect to DAPP and choose 50 cards to form a deck. A minimum of 5 element cards are required to play, and one seasonal card can be laid out per turn.
Stronger Shiryo-Inu monsters require more season cards to be summoned.
Shiryo – Inu Dapp app launched

NFT art and collectibles weekly sales hit the lowest level since January due to price increases
Total NFT art and collectibles sales are three times lower than the week of October.

The second week of November was one of the worst weeks for non-interchangeable art and collectibles token sales this year.
According to Block Research, the number of NFTs sold in those categories last week was just 86,870, the lowest weekly sales since the first week of January this year.

Israel introduces new cryptocurrency rules to combat money laundering and terrorist financing
Israel introduces FATF anti-terrorism rules for the cryptocurrency industry amid growing use

According to local reports, Israel’s Anti-Terrorist Financing and Anti-Money Laundering Authority have increased regulatory oversight not only of cryptocurrencies but also of financial technology companies and credit providers. Security Director Shlomit Wegman believes that these new rules will be useful in systematically combating the criminal use of digital assets, and will provide them with greater support and legitimacy for legal purposes.

Bitcoin kits are showing the biggest movement since 2017
Network data shows that bitcoin kits are currently showing the biggest movement since 2017.

Current bitcoin-kit activity is the largest since 2017
As noted by an analyst in the CryptoQuant post, the chain shows data indicating bitcoin whale activity has not been seen since 2017.

Crypto Miner Marathon’s decision to buy bitcoins for bonds attracts SEC attention, stock tanks 27%.
On Nov. 15, crypto-miner Marathon Digital announced that it is ready to buy more bitcoins and add new mining equipment.

The private placement of the five-year bonds will be for qualified institutional players only. As mentioned, the proceeds will go toward the purchase of bitcoins and mining equipment. However, investors will have the right to convert these bonds into common stock under certain circumstances and in certain periods.

Cardano writes twice as many transactions as Ethereum, ranks 2nd inactivity
Cardano is among the top active networks in the past 24 hours as of Nov. 15.

According to data provided by Cardano Daily, Cardano recorded a transaction volume of $18.24 billion during that period and ranked second behind Bitcoin.

Paradigm launches record $2.5 billion crypto fund
Paradigm has raised $2.5 billion for a new venture capital fund targeting early-stage cryptocurrencies.

Paradigm, a San Francisco-based venture capital firm, has successfully raised $2.5 billion for its Paradigm One crypto fund. It is the largest single fund ever unveiled by a venture capital firm for crypto and blockchain projects.

Entry And Exit Levels At Swing Trading Strategies

If you are also thinking of making a living via swing trading then you are probably doing the best favour you can do for yourself. You don’t need to know rocket science to be able to learn these strategies but with just little attentiveness and alert mind, you could be well making a five figure income every month. Let’s get started with the very basic thing you need to know while preparing for swing trading strategies.

Learn to Strategize and Earn Cash Through Day Trader Training

Day trading is one of the many ways that enable a person to gain a profit in the stock market. It is a type of strategy that involves buying and selling of shares within the same trading day in order to realize a profit or minimize losses. Normally, it is the more seasoned investors and traders who adopt this kind of technique since it is known to be very risky.

Day Trader Tips to Ensure Profit

A lot of people would view day trading as a risky business. This may be true because day traders are really riding along with the market’s momentum during a specific trading day. A lot of efforts are required to be on the lookout on the price changes to be able to determine the right entry and exit points.

Maximize Your Profit Through These Day Trading Tips

If you are a day trader, your goal is to make a profit and somehow minimize your losses as you establish and liquidate your position within the same trading day. But with the risks involved with such a strategy, you are expected to take measures to ensure the protection of your position. So to be able to do this, follow these day trading tips that will safeguard your earnings in the long run.

Trading Turn Dates

Trading is all about dealing with probabilities. When you have a method for calculating turn dates that produce a high degree of probability that the market will likely turn, it is important to understand how to properly deal with it.

Make Me an Offer

The popular game show Deal or No Deal sheds light on how traders fall in love with both winning and losing trades. Sometimes, Loss Aversion and Regret keep traders and contestants from accepting any deal.

TradeStation Indicators and the Power of Computer Assisted Trading

Use the power of TradeStation indicators and RadarScreen in combination with the sophistication of the human brain to experience a powerful trading approach called computer assisted trading. The most successful trader will do what the human can do best (which is make the trading entries), and let the computer do what the computer can do best (find possible trades and manage trade exits). If you are not taking advantage of your inherent human strengths along with the power of TradeStation indicators and RadarScreen for computer assisted trading, maybe it’s time to make a change.

The Best Source of Day Trade Tips

Tripling your investments in the stock market is as simple and as challenging as finding the best day trade tips. The stock market is a great place to realize your financial independence and in today’s economy, many stocks are at bottomed out rock-bottom prices and consequently are ripe for the picking. That’s not to say that we’re still not in the middle of a recession and stocks can continue to drop, which is why it’s essential that you use the most effective strategy to anticipate market behavior and the best day trade tips and trade effectively ahead of the curve.

All You Want To Know About Dow Jones

Dow Jones today is one of the most and best known firm which provide various products and services all around the world. The products and services of Dow Jones are unique, high standard and quality and they provide many essentials of your business. DJ index is one of the few firms that have been alive for more than a decade with very clear and respectable history.

Swing Trading Strategies Can Make You a Killing Daily!

Are you planning to make a living by trading? You are on the right track and right page then. Let’s talk about swing trading strategies which have made some people ‘rags to riches’. For a successful swing trading strategy, there are two major things that should be considered first. The two strategies are the entry and the exit strategy.

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