Crypto News: NFT, VeChain & Tezos News

The NFT news is spreading like wildfire as everyone from artists to corporations want a part of NFT action. Who’s the latest to fork over big bucks for NFTs? Tune in to find out.

In VeChain news, the company has launched software to track carbon emissions. Tezos gets courted by Swiss fintech for on-chain financial products. All this and a bit more in today’s Exodus Crypto News.

Crypto News chapters:
00:00 Intro
00:39 NFT cRaZe goes mainstream
02:20 Vechain news
03:43 Tezos News
05:00 Closing

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Crypto News: NFT, VeChain & Tezos News with Layah Heilpern

Fibonacci Trading and Planetary Motions

There are traders who make use of Fibonacci ratios (0.382, 0.500 and 0.618) and the planetary motion ratios (0.38877/0.3902, 0.509 and 0.6151/0.6011) that almost coincide with each other. The planetary motions may be of great help to traders in predicting the possible outcomes of market prices over a specified period of time. However, traders have to caution themselves as not to rely too much on astrological phenomena such as the movements of the planets when making trade decisions. Those who analyze the market using a technical tool and the planetary motions have more chances at winning especially if they are about 55% sure of their analysis of the time element.

Best Commodities to Trade for New Traders

Individuals who are new to trading may find a wide variety of commodities that they can trade like agricultural commodities as well as financial commodities. They may also encounter varied futures contracts that are available for all of the commodities in the market. However, starters need to be able to identify what is suited to them as not all types of commodities are for them. They have to familiarize themselves first with the financial instruments that are being used in trading. It would be advisable for them to start with one two only as they are still gauging their ability to handle risk and loses in the process.

Appropriate Surety Bonds for Construction or Service Provider Business

As a business owner, it is imperative that he understands surety bonds, its various types and its benefits to stay safe and secure while conducting a business. The first and foremost that one must understand about a surety bond is the way these are different from insurance. The surety bonds are created to act as a guarantee for the principal that he or she will act with complete honesty, integrity and financial responsibility and the law of contract will be complied with without fail.

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