The Biggest Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Solar Mining farm

Let’s tour the biggest Bitcoin and cryptocurrency SOLAR MINING FARM that is completely DIY’d and owned by ONE crypto miner!! Subscribe to VoskCoin for more exciting cryptocurrency videos –

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Using solar panels to generate electricity is the most exciting and environmentally friendly way to mine Bitcoin, Ethereum, and any other cryptocurrencies. Peter aka CrazyDane has been building out MASSIVE solar panel arrays for mining cryptocurrency! Peter has created these solar mining plans all himself, he sets up the solar panels and runs all of the associated wiring and electrical work and then he even builds his own custom cryptocurrency mining rigs. Peter has been GPU mining crypto with solar power for years now, and he is mining very profitability here in 2020, and with an electric cost of ZERO when the sun is up, he will be mining profitably in 2021, 2022, and well forever basically! Let’s review his solar-powered mining farm and how what he learned in the process because Peter shares an immense amount of knowledge on how to set up your own solar panels for residential use or industrial style mining as well as his experience mining cryptocurrency long-term!

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