DEADROP Biggest Update Yet – Snapshot 3 w/ Midnight Society Team

I jump into disguise to hang out with the developers of DEADROP as we go on a mission to test out the brand new snapshot 3 with improved movement and much more. Come hang with me and the Midnight Society team!

Dr. Disrespect will NOT be there cause my mustache would put him to shame…

0:00:00 Setup
0:00:14 Disguise Change
0:01:33 Gameplay
0:05:13 Breakdown

#deadrop #gameplay #drdisrespect #NFT



What Makes America Beautiful – National Parks

Nature can provide a soul-soothing mind-calming heart healing experience that no person, book, or event can do – if you STOP, LOOK, and LISTEN. A quiet moment with nature isn’t all that hard to get if you look for it! We Americans are blessed with hundreds of Federal and State parks that give us a place to go to be quiet and see and listen to the beauty of God’s creation known as America the Beautiful.

Is It Time to Look at Your Social Media Advertising Effectiveness?

Does having these accounts and gaining a few “likes and shares” here and there get you the results you want? Here are 5 signs that it’s time to take your social media advertising to the next level.

Business Process Management Technology – Why It’s Crucial Now More Than Before

Every entrepreneur or business owner who has been in the business for more than a few years knows a single all-pervasive truth. It’s that an intense grit and passion for what they do can only take them to a certain extent. If you want to really propel your business to new heights, you require calculated processes or workflows. They will help you achieve consistent productivity, limit your costs, and impart the customer experience you desire.

Where I Am Coming From

It could be simple, and it could be complicated, but I am coming from an objective, gritty, sweaty, realistic viewpoint that genuinely and ultimately works in reality. It does not matter to me if I temporarily fail, what matters is the ultimate successes. Indeed, actually winning the “immediate pot” of looking good in the eyes of others does not matter, I want overall success ultimately in my own eyes genuinely. That is really it.

The Prophecy: Turning Pure Lead Into Pure Gold

Life and existence are only as good or great as our long range moral and spiritual capital make it. Winning, and I do mean real winning comes down to seeing the gold within the lead, not exactly turning lead into gold or gold into lead or whatever the alchemical ideal is. In short, the greatest real success comes in work clothes initially, and looks like the ultimate failure of an idea that initially does not work like the turn of the phone screw of Alexander Graham Bell that made him great in the eyes of the world for “inventing the modern telephone”.

The 5 Experts You Must Have On Your Team

Whether you are self-employed, managing a small team, or in charge of a large-scale operation, you will know the value of teamwork to your business. While every company is likely to need a wide range of specialists, there are some fields that you will require help with time and time again. In these areas, having those with specialised knowledge on your team will often lead to greater efficiency, better customer service, and substantial savings in time.

5 Simple Ways To Help Your Business Thrive

Recent times have been full of uncertainty and upheaval across all industries. Many businesses have struggled to survive, while others have had to completely change their outlook and approach to continue serving their customers. Whatever your experience, there are several simple but effective ways that you can help your business to thrive – whatever the circumstances.

Wooden Packaging Box Manufacturer in Bangalore – Starline Packers

For most entrepreneurs who bargain in the creation of merchandise, finding the correct materials to work with is basic in their general level of accomplishment. There are various things that should be acquired all together for a systematic this to run proficiently and among the most imperative is a wooden bed.

8 Effective Tactics to Boost Your Email Open Rates

Emails are undoubtedly the most widely used medium of communication across the world. When it comes to winning new customers, emails are 40 percent more effective than social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook, based on a study by McKinsey.

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