Earn FREE Crypto In Warzone, CS GO, & Apex Legends!!!

One of the main complaints I hear from a mainstream gaming audience is that NFT based play to earn crypto games in the metaverse are not as polished or look as good as AAA games.

While these AAA NFT games are on their way, you can earn crypto in your current favorite games with the Bitspawn platform!

The best part? It’s all FREE and you are already playing these games anyways, why not earn some tokens too?

BITSPAWN: https://bitspawn.gg

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0:00:06 Welcome Eric Godwin-
0:00:57 About Bitspawn
0:03:32 For Crypto And Non Crypto Users
0:05:08 Where Are The Coins
0:06:48 Mainstream Games
0:09:22 First Bitspawn NFT
0:12:05 Grow With NFTs
0:13:40 Video Game Industry
0:14:53 Any Last Words?

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Making money playing video games is impossible for most gamers, regardless of ability. Esports players have no rights, with players exposed to abusive contracts, barriers to entry and rampant prize pool fraud. Instead, the real winners are predatory publishers, event organisers and streaming services.
Now, Bitspawn has decided to intervene and bestow all gamers with the means to make profit from their talents.

The Platform
Only 3% of players are compensated for competing in esports. Bitspawn is a play-to-earn platform where all gamers can play and earn money. It is a blockchain powered tournament platform allowing gamers at all skill levels, developers and organisers to monetise their skills. Bitspawn connects sponsors and advertisers to a growing audience. Gamers watch and consume esports at a higher rate than traditional sports fans, making them a large untapped market for advertisers.
Bitspawn is being built on the Solana platform — bypassing scaling issues such as implementing layer 2 protocols — to bring profitable gaming experiences to the world’s 2 billion gamers.
Bitspawn is an infrastructure protocol allowing users to create their own gaming apps and communities on our blockchain solution.
Bitspawn will implement a novel “Proof-of-respawn” algorithm to compliment the native PoS consensus protocol of Solana, in order to aid scaling. PoR is a kind of token algorithm that encourages players to compete and build their own competitions, as well as to maintain the rewards system of the platform.It enables tokens to be distributed by “skill-based” algorithms and can be integrated with existing gaming APIs to align incentives between players, developers and brands to spur growth.

“I have been a fan of Cyberfi since its initial announcement, I love the product they are building and the community they are fostering. It is the type of aesthetic that blockchain and crypto desperately needs to connect with the next generation and allow for growth of high level projects in this ecosystem.”
Bitspawn on CyberFi.

Bitspawn ($SPWN) Token
The $SPWN token is used for platform fees and rewards, benefiting holders and stakers as the platform grows. $SPWN tokens also give access to $SPWN-exclusive events and products as they arise. The $SPWN token can be staked and lent, as well as used in governance functions of the DAO such as integration voting and community projects. Bitspawn will rely heavily on community governance to bring important features and products to market, enhancing long term product-market fit.

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