ELon Musk massive warning for Dogecoin holders


In this video, I’ll talk about crypto price analysis, rising crypto adoption, and the latest updates from the crypto world, including:
· Elon Musk has come up with another warning for Dogecoin holders as he has shared yet another tweet for Doge.
· A market wide panic and rapid surge in crypto selling have resulted in the whole market cap losing almost 8 percent of its value, which is now standing around 2.5 trillion dollars.
· Anthony Scaramucci of SkyBridge Capital recently stated that this violent market sell off is a buying opportunity for both stocks and crypto assets.
· The founder of Paytm, a major digital payment company in India, is very positive about crypto and believes that crypto is here to stay.
· Francis Suarez, the mayor of Miami recently stated that starting a Bitcoin yield would benefit the entire country and that Miami would merely be leading the way.
· LHV, one of Estonia’s leading banks, is now enabling crypto trading for its users directly from its app via crypto exchange Bitstamp.
· Busha, a Nigerian crypto exchange, recently secured more than 4 million dollars in a funding round led by Jump Capital and the funding will be used to expand its operations throughout Africa.
And much more!!

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Day Trading Possibilities

When Day trading is mentioned, no actual product is being described. The expression is employed in the monetary world for buying shares, equity, features, commodity features, foreign currencies and so on. As the word “Day Trading” implies, it is just used for one day. It means that all purchasing and selling positions have to be squared away at the end of the day. In other words a purchase has to be sold and a sell has to be acquired to equalize all contracts and orders by the end of the closing period for the particular zones in which trading is being done.

Speculator Trading Vs Becoming a Gambler

Nowadays with easy access to the market, within a day or so anyone is able to access the market and buy and sell shares from the comfort of their own living room. There is a problem though. Many of these people do not have any qualifications, or learn about how shares move short term and longer term also. That is why a large majority of amateur traders fail miserably from the get go.

Are the Rewards of Day Trading Worth the Risks?

It is difficult to recommend to new traders to look at day trading as a means of making a living. Of all the styles of trading available to the new trader, day trading has the most risks, the fastest feedback when you make a mistake, the most volatility, and the largest numbers of aggressive professional traders seeking to take advantage of your inexperience.

Learning to Trade the Market

You may have heard stories of market traders who have lost everything, from their retirement funds to their children’s inheritance. However, this should not put you off, why? Reason being these people entered into the trade ignorant and lacking in the basic skill of placing a trade.

What is the Difference Between Trading and Investing?

Trading and investing are completely different approaches to wealth creation, and understanding the difference will help you decide which route is best for your money. Your ability to withstand risk will influence the speed at which you achieve your desired financial growth.

Learning to Trade Options – The Fastest Way to Make Money in Volatile Markets

Something not covered when learning to trade options typically is economics and the fundamental forces that move markets. Although many traders are getting excited about buying and selling in the stock market they often times get too focused on the individual securities and lose sight of the big picture.

Traders’ Roundtable – Understanding Market Condition

What does market condition have to do with trading results? How can we define market condition? Are there good rules of thumb to start analyzing market conditions?

Day Trading – How to Choose a Good Trading System

Choosing a system for trade is a difficult decision as it will effect you trading productivity and most system are very pricey. I think it is important to take your time and look at a few variable in the system: don’t be fooled by exorbitant claims or flashing marketing. Pick a system you are comfortable with using for the long haul.

Can You Make Money Day Trading Options?

Ten years ago it was almost impossible to sit in a cafe or attend a party without overhearing a conversation in which a couple of guys were bragging about all the money they were making day trading the market. If one of the guys was a real winner, he was talking about all the cash he was raking in by day trading options. It seemed every day a new millionaire was popping champagne corks.

Day Trading – A Comparison to Floor Trading

There has been numerous training educators who claim that real trader, like “floor traders” don’t use oscillators and many of the tools of the home based day trader. As a trader who has performed both as a floor trader and home trader, I point out the differences in these professions.

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