Ethereum prediction. Can reach $15.400,00?

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Good Morning E.T Fam! Krown is coming to us fresh from eye surgery. That’s real dedication. Today he’s talking about fractals and how they relate to price action and indicators. This is a very informative broadcast. The coins that are being covered today are Bitcoin and Ethereum. If you’re wondering what the RSI read is for BTC and ETH, you’ll no longer need to wonder.

Krown is breaking down the RSI indicator to give us clarity on where things are likely headed. Make sure you all show Krown some massive love for broadcasting while he’s still recovering. His level of dedication to this community is immeasurable. So, let’s be sure to show our gratitude by liking, commenting, and sharing. Have a good one E.T Fam!

DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice! This is an entertainment and opinion-based show. I am not a financial adviser. Please only invest what you can afford to lose, and we encourage you to do your own research before investing. DYOR

The Best Strategies for Betonmarkets

There are many sites that tote Betonmarkets strategies that are better than all the rest, but are they really? Read too many of them, and you can end up thinking that you know the best way to double or even triple your annual income in as little as 20 minutes. Too much of this thinking can see you lose this much, maybe more. By being proactive and cautious, you will find the best Betonmarkets strategies to suit your needs.

Trading Like a Pro

Many can perfectly trade but few can successfully day trade like a pro. More than eighty percent of day traders are losing abundantly. Everyday, millions of dollars are wasted and lost. At the same time many trading tools have been poured into the market, from the Aroon indicator up to the zig zag trading tool. Markets participants line along moving averages like Irish dancers, trying to get their well deserved portion. Without going to the left or to the right, it is evident that, one challenge remains difficult to all participants to a certain degree. That is: day trading like a pro. Though there are different traders, the question remains the same. What is day trading like a pro? In this article we will explore the subject of day trading like a pro and reveal, how one can perfectly day trade like a pro.

E-Mini Trading: Do You Understand the ADX?

One of the most important concepts in e-mini trading is to learn to trade with the trend. Of course, trends come in varying intensities and magnitudes. The question many e-mini traders face is whether they are entering a trade in a strong trend or a weak trend.

CFD Trading In Today’s Market

CFD trading gives you the flexibility that you require to trade in current markets. The important word here is flexibility.

Forex Morning Trade – How To Pay Your Bills With This System

If you are looking for a way to pay for your bills, then this forex morning trade system could be your answer. This Forex trading system relies on a method that trades British pounds to US dollars once a day before London market opens based on two indicators that are available on most trading charting packages.

Learning To Trade CFDs

If you are planning to enter into CFD trading or Contracts for difference trading, you need to be aware of the basic procedures for buying and selling CFDs. Although, buying and selling CFDs is very similar to buying and selling shares, you still need to have some basic understanding of how to work with CFDs. If you master the art of selling and buying CFDs, the sky is the limit.

Using Spreads in Option Trading

If you only buy options, the deck is stacked against you. Roughly 75% of options expire worthless or are closed at a loss. Since everything must add up to 100%, that means if 75% lose then only 25% win. If those odds sound good to you, you should spend a lot of time in Atlantic City or Las Vegas.

Binary Options: The New Fad

When looking for a very simple way to invest, one should certainly consider binary options. They are fun as well as quite possibly profitable.

An Introduction to CFD Trading

CFD or ‘Contracts For Difference’ is a financial instrument that reflects the price movements of the underlying share or index. One can profit from the price movement by trading this derivative product.

Daytrading Strategies: Futures Trading for Beginners

What is the difference between the traders that succeed and those that do not? There is no one answer, but there are a number of elements that work against us as traders. Some of them are…

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