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Ethernity Chain is a blockchain-based platform that allows users to take advantage of the growing popularity of non-interchangeable tokens.
The developers are positioning it as a cross-pollination of decentralized finance with authenticated NFTs. In the Ethernity Chain ecosystem, all NFTs can be bought and sold in the chain.
Ethernity Chain was funded on the Polkastarter platform, where it had a crowdfunding sale on March 8, 2021. The project tries to create an enabling environment for all active community members to increase the value of its ERN token.
Through partnerships with leading figures in the blockchain, music, and entertainment industries, Ethernity aims to promote NFT-based digital art and support charitable causes.

Day Trading – What it is and What it is Not

It is amazing how many people do not understand what the words “day trading” mean! To some the words mean “hold my positions for a day or two” and for others it means “buy today, sell tomorrow” and yet others think that day trading is a “form of investing” but very few understand those words to mean “do not hold any positions overnight”, which is what day trading actually means – day traders close out their trades at the end of every trading day and are prepared to start from scratch the next day.

Trading Journal or Trading Spreadsheet – Waste of Time?

As a full-time day trader now for nearly six years, I know what a roller-coaster life can be when first entering the market arena. I also know how much easier your trading life can be with the proper tools, tactics and mindset.

Day Trading at Top Speed

Day trading has always been a way for the savvy stock trader to take a position on a stock and during the course of a trading day buy or sell his position on the market to make a profit. Sometimes you lose money, lots of money, but when the trades go in your favor you equally make a lot of money.

How Can I Make Money Day Trading?

Becoming a day trader is becoming an increasingly hot means for people to earn money. There are individuals who do it for a full time profession while others use it as a way to make additional cash. With its sizable profit potential and the thrill it gives you, it’s not surprising more people are diving into day trading opportunities.

What to Do If You Blow Your Trading Account

OK. So you’ve just gone an blown your trading account because you let your emotions get the better of you. This is not a nice feeling. I’ve been there, done that. Let’s have a look at how you can move forward.

The Toughest Lesson to Learn – Controlling Stake Size

Learning to control your stake size is absolutely crucial to your success as a trader. It’s easy to discount it and overlook it when you start. But be warned, there’s more to this subject than meets the eye. This really is an important lesson to learn – ignore it at your peril.

Want to Know How Day Trading Pros Make Their Money? Here’s the Inside Scoop!

One of the hottest and exhilarating methods to make cash these days is day trading. Some individuals use day trading to boost their regular income stream, and some people treat it as a full time occupation. Several individuals making sizable cash with day trading which explains why numerous people are entering the markets.

Forecast Price Using Pivot Point Analysis – Part 2

The basis of pivot point formulas, which traders use to calculate pivot point numbers, involves several steps. Traders should be able to interpret the rationale behind the calculations.

Technical Analysis Training – How to Find a Good Course

So you’ve determined that you are going take full control of your financial future. And you’ve studied the stock and commodities market and have some well founded opinions.

Day Trading Derivatives

One of the most popular day trading markets is the financial derivatives markets but they are also one of the trickiest to negotiate. Here is a brief description of the main derivative markets and what they deal in.

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