ETHERNITY CHAIN – What is ETHERNITY – How It Works – ERN Token Review

ETHERNITY CHAIN – What is ETHERNITY – How It Works – ERN Token Review
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Hi, in this video I want to tell you about Ethernity. It is a new project that explores digital art through non-interchangeable tokens. Through close collaboration with leading figures from the world of blockchain, music, and entertainment, Ethernity aims to popularize digital art based on NFT, while supporting charitable causes that will help those in need. Watch carefully, it will be interesting!

Ethernity is a new project by some old faces who have been on the crypto scene since the beginning. Founded by longtime cryptocurrency investor Nick Rose Nethertsas, Ethernity explores the digital arts through non-interchangeable tokens and the opportunities they provide for charity and the public good.
Through close collaboration with lec ading figures from the worlds of blockchain, music, and entertainment, Ethernity aims to popularize NFT-based digital art while supporting charitable causes that will help those in need. It’s a win-win situation that benefits everyone, from NFT collectors to charities that work with some of society’s most vulnerable members.
Ethernity’s debut NFT art collection was created by some of the most talented artists in the field and then given the seal of approval – or rather, the digital signature of acceptance – of the celebrities featured on each piece of art. Some of it will go to a charity of the celebrity’s choice to move things along and apply.

Ethernity joins the Metaverse. Nick Rose, the CEO, teases a short video showing the Ethernity Metaverse, an interactive, virtual world where users can create their character, bid on the NFT, and more.

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