Ethernity – Luka Modrić NFT Collection – Ethernity Review

Ethernity – Luka Modrić NFT Collection – Ethernity Review
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You’ve all heard of NFT, which can be found everywhere, and anyone who is relatively well versed in the cryptocurrency space has at least heard of NFT, and for a good reason. Ethernity Chain is a platform focused on producing and distributing authenticated, non-interchangeable, limited-edition tokens. Watch our videos on Ethernity Chain as we have some exciting news, collaborations, and support.

Ethernity is a new project by some old faces who have been on the crypto scene since the beginning. Founded by longtime cryptocurrency investor Nick Rose Nethertsas, Ethernity explores the digital arts through non-interchangeable tokens and their opportunities for charity and the public good.

Through close collaboration with leading figures from the worlds of blockchain, music, and entertainment, Ethernity aims to popularize NFT-based digital art while supporting charitable causes that will help those in need. It’s a win-win situation that benefits everyone, from NFT collectors to charities that work with some of society’s most vulnerable members.
Ethernity’s debut NFT art collection was created by some of the most talented artists in the field and then given the seal of approval – or rather, the digital signature of acceptance – of the celebrities featured on each piece of art. Some of it will go to a charity of the celebrity’s choice to move things along and apply.

Ethernity presented Luka Modric’s collection dedicated to the Croatian footballer. His record is second to none. One of only three players of his generation to win the Ballon d’Or, reach the 2018 World Cup final, be named the best player of the tournament, have 20-plus titles in the English Premier League and La Liga, and the list goes on.

The collection elevates Modric to a pedestal with high-quality digital art and wearable items that fans and collectors may find valuable and helpful. As a versatile Modric – both a central midfielder and a dangerous attacking midfielder – Ethernity takes the NFT ecosystem further and is proud to partner with a player of this caliber to advance the ball.
Luka Modric’s wearable jerseys will be available in several metaverses, including Sandbox, which Ethernity recently announced a strategic partnership with, and the Ethernity metaverse, which will be announced shortly.
One of the items in the collection has a TITLE: Luka Modrich: Under the Sea. The starting price: $5,000. Luka Modric is known worldwide for his sporting achievements, but success is not always easy. Trainers, a six-year-old refugee from the war, was too weak and shy to play soccer. Modrić overcame the traumatic events of Croatia’s War of Independence to win the Golden Ball, four league titles, and countless trophies and awards. In NFT’s The Plunge, Modrić is portrayed as a modern-day gladiator thrown into the abyss. The outside world cheers him loudly, but the player’s mind remembers all the difficulties on the road to glory.

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