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Staking Cardano is a great way to earn passive ADA income. You can view it as earning interest on your crypto holdings. With some assets, staking means you agree to lock up your tokens for a certain period of time, during which they are unspendable.

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Is There No Perfection? – Forgiving God, Others and Our Self

There is no perfection in the Universe nor with that or who created it. That is why should we learn to forgive everyone, including our own self and the creator too. Therefore, it is important to forgive everyone who we feel has let us down in some way. And forgive our own self for letting down others as well.

Today The American Education Is Being Reinvented

Today the American education is being reinvented. The assumptions that have governed its structures and power relationships for more than a century are being replaced. This reinvention is breeding all manner of novel approaches to schools, and hybrid arrangements that blur the line that has long separated public and private schools. For example, the best of what have come to be called charter schools possess elements of today’s public and private systems. Moreover, this new model is not an unbridled, laissez-faire, free-market one. The public retains its interest in the delivery of educational services paid for by public funds. Public authorities continue to set standards for educational performance-especially student achievement standards-of all schools receiving public funds and monitor whether those standards are achieved.

Where To Delegate Your 2022 Marketing Budget

Business goals start with marketing. And marketing starts with a plan. Start planning early, and you set yourself up ahead of your competition, so you’re ready to hit the ground running in 2022. Here are the top 4 Business Marketing Budget Tips for 2022.

Hats Off to Maria Ressa – First Filipino Nobel Prize Laureate

Great efforts are being recognized the world over. Yes, as long as the impact could be tremendous enough to be felt by everyone sane, sound and saint people. Making a difference is great endeavor, even to the extent of giving life and limb for a cause or advocacy. Find yours, not because of your desire to be recognized but to be a valuable member of our greater society for the greater good.

4 Business Strategies You Probably Haven’t Thought About

Every business should find a strategy that helps it to achieve a competitive advantage in the marketplace. This strategy should be based on the strengths and weaknesses of the firm’s products/services and the position it wants to have regarding its customers.

Mother-Enmeshed Men: Would A Woman Be Happy If A Mother Enmeshed Man Changed?

If a woman is in a relationship with a man who is emotionally entangled with his mother, she is naturally going to have a strong need for him to change. This is partly because he will spend a lot of time being there for his mother and very little, if any, time being there for his partner. ​ Thanks to this, the sooner he changes his behaviour, the better their relationship will be.

Overcoming Original Sin – 8 Pivotal Scriptures Simplified

The term ‘original sin’ has mainly been categorized as a religious or church concept. This sadly is a convenient, immature way of dealing with something so utterly profound: something which we each actually inherit from birth. Original sin is real and has nothing to do with formal religion and pouring water over the head. And once realized how it affects our life individually, we’ll certainly want to take immediate and corrective action, particularly regards defeating coronavirus and maintaining overall health. This article sets out clearly what original sin is and our practical means of remedying such.

You Won’t Be Your Best If You Aren’t Your Own – Best FRIEND!

Like it, or not, no one else will probably, help you, or, truly, care, unless/ until, you clearly, demonstrate, you do! You will never become the best, you can be, if you aren’t, truly, your own, best FRIEND! This self – belief, and self – esteem, must be realistic, genuine, and earned, and requires, committing to, and performing, an, in – depth, introspective, objective, check – up, from the neck – up!

Why We Need Leaders With Negotiating Skills?: The CAPIROCK Approach!

After, over four decades of involvement, in, nearly – every aspect of effectively leading, from identifying and qualifying, to training, developing, and consulting to thousands of actual, and/ or, potential leaders, as well as serving as a leader, several times, and negotiating, hundreds of, both, large and small contracts, I strongly believe, for someone to become a true, meaningful, responsible, effective leader, he must be aware of the challenges, and necessities, of quality negotiating, and using that knowledge, to the group’s best interest! In order to achieve, and learn, how to use, every negotiation, to the organization’s actual benefit (in…

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