Fauci announces first Omicron variant case in the US

Dr. Anthony Fauci spoke at a White House press briefing, announcing that the first confirmed US case of the Omicron coronavirus variant was discovered in California. #CNN #News

Learn the Truth About Day Trading

Day trading stocks is exciting. Every single day of the week is a new adventure, a new stock, and a new possibility to make some serious profits. But what happens when you pick the wrong stock?

How Do Successful Day Traders Pick Top Penny Stocks?

Day traders are using automated software and internet services to pick the top penny stocks currently hot in the market. Other than using the software they also use their own intelligence and age old common sense to carry on with their trade for success and fortune.

Fear and Your Trading – Getting on the Right Side of the Trade

To truly be able to overcome something like fear, you have to first understand it as the unique emotion that it is. Fear, in whatever form it manifests through your trading, is the direct counterpart to greed and will end up killing any progress you’ve made in your day to day processes.

It’s Good to Be the King

I think that all of us want to develop as well rounded traders, and when we start out we look at the whole spectrum of trading setups. Should I scalp, should I swing trade, day trade?

The Final Stage of a Successful Trader – Trading Unconsciously

“How do you define a successful trader?” Now there are probably a million ways to answer this but in this article I want to discuss what I call the final step – trading unconsciously. Now in almost any profession when you reach a sufficient skill level your actions become repetitive with little thought given to the task in hand, when this happens you will often find there is little change in the input or output and it becomes a very consistent process.

Tips to Succeed in Day Trading

It can be scary for some people to realize how quickly everything can change depending on what you are thinking about. Your subconscious, whether you are feeling positive or negative, can and will bleed into everything you do.

E-Mini Day Trading – Convergence and Divergence

All traders search for the hidden chart pattern or new oscillator that will revolutionize their trading and put stacks of money in their pocket. Of course, we know that there is no undiscovered trading system out there that assures a day trader 100% accuracy. Yet many traders search for the Holy Grail of day trading that will ease the burden of making decisions as to which trade is appropriate and which trade is the loser or winner.

Should You Day Trade Stocks Or Futures Contracts?

Day trading stocks is a popular and sometimes lucrative profession. In this article I make the case that day trading futures is a superior instrument for day trading and why you stand to make more money by day trading financial index e-mini contracts.

Day Trading Profit Secrets – Will You Choke When the Pressure is On

I’ve seen some tough guys freeze and unable to take the trade they need to, after a run of losses. The strange thing is they may have lost a few hundred or a couple of thousand. But their stress response is more like they have lost the family fortune, so why does this occur.

Key Benefits of Hedge Fund Investments – Understanding the Advantages

Successful wealth management requires an active approach to investment that takes into account not only current market conditions, but future growth opportunities as well. By choosing to invest in a reputable hedge fund, successful investors can take advantage of the unique opportunities that these types of funds have to offer.

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