FTX’s Future Revealed – SBF Speaks Out!

Sam Bankman-Fried has spoken out for the first time since the deal in which Binance was set to buy FTX fell through. In this 23 post Twitter thread he speaks about his failings and what’s next for the FTX cryptocurrency exchange.

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Key Components of Credit Risk Rating in P2P Lending

Credit risk assessment is essential to evaluate the creditworthiness of a borrower. P2P lending matches individual or institutional investors with borrowers (businesses or salaried individuals), by means of an online platform. By facilitating a viable alternative financing option, P2P is unceasingly shaping the consumer lending landscape.

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Even in Beer There Are Compromises to Be Made!

What are beer consumers will to sacrifice to consume fewer calories- taste/flavor, mouthfeel, aroma, body or sometime you can’t quite put your finger on? Light beer is achieved by compromising all of the above. The primary component of beer is barley/malts and the first step in developing beer is getting grain to release starches so yeast can make alcohol/CO2. But yeast does not convert all starches so there are residual sugars left in beer. All of this add to calories in beer-carbs and alcohol. But grain is a carb and that makes for a great beer. Eliminating/reducing carbs will alter many components of a great beer. But, we do compromise in the interest of dieting.

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It kind of vindicated my wish, nourished for long years, that Hollywood should come back to basic human dramas which are always acceptable the world over. All the people with a mind-set of this ordinary mortal should, therefore, not miss watching Those Who Wish Me Dead at any cost. Those who can visit the theatres in full safety are the luckiest…

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The Long Island Museum

This article offers visitors to Stony Brook’s expansive Long Island Museum a guide to its nine-acre campus. It discusses its History Museum, the Dorothy and Ward Melville Carriage Museum, and the other historic buildings encompassing its complex.

Three Life Habits That Perpetuate Struggle, And The Solution That Transcends Them

Are you feeling anxious because your world is coming apart? Do you feel as if you struggling on alone, without support, stuck in misery and confusion? There are three common ways we tend to deal with difficulties in life: we may attack, or distract ourselves, or deny the reality of the situation. There is a better approach to life’s challenges available to all of us. It is the pathway of awakening, which requires the willingness to practice personal honesty and accountability. When we stop resisting fear of the unknown and stay present to our experience, we discover more and more freedom. We learn to lean into the Permanence that exists beyond the solid world of senses, and to surrender our attachment to the impermanence of the created world.

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