Future of Luna Enna? Can Luna Climb back? Bitcoin market update Crypto Tamil

In this video, I have clearly explained,
1. How do Luna and UST work?
2. What backed UST?
3. Why did Luna and UST crash?
4. What is the future of Luna and UST?
5. How to prevent yourself from these crashes?
6. Bitcoin Market Update

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~Best Indian Exchanges: Established Ones~ [📲]
1. WazirX – https://bit.ly/2NRhkH3​​​​
2. BitBns – http://bit.ly/2QEfObD​​​​
3. Zebpay – https://bit.ly/3jrUG5p​​​​
4. CoinDcX – https://bit.ly/3bkYwNg​​​​
5. LocalBitcoins – http://bit.ly/2K9fHDW​​​​ (Peer to Peer)
6. Paxful – http://bit.ly/2RmlF7M​​​​ (Peer to Peer)

~Best International Exchanges:~ [📲]
1. Huobi – https://bit.ly/3jjDjns​​​​
2. Binance – https://bit.ly/37DoGJ9​​​​
3. OKEx – https://bit.ly/3g1swfP​​​​
4. Coinbase – https://bit.ly/2TotKZI​​​​
5. Kucoin – https://bit.ly/2YBtREw​​​​
6. BitYard – https://bit.ly/3f9F4m6​​​​
7. FTX – https://bit.ly/2A46mu5​​​​

~Best Hardware Wallets~ [🔒]
1. Buy Ledger Nano X or S – http://bit.ly/2HI95ur​​​​
2. Buy Keep Key – https://bit.ly/3j6CM8T​​​​
3. Buy SafePal – https://bit.ly/36d9CBd​​​​

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God Wants You To Witness To Others What He Is Doing In Your Life

Even though you love Him deeply and know that He loves you. Hallelujah, you yearn for the relationship to grow deeper! One way you do that is go tell others about the great things God is doing for you. It’s a joy to bless the Lord with focus and dedication with a testimony. True believers of God are always on fire about the ministry of the Word. Did you get that? What is God doing for you? People need to know! But why? The answer is in the article!

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