Gala(GALA) and Axie Infinity(AXS) Price Surged Notably, Eyeing Another 20% Jump!

Gala (GALA) Price Analysis

Gala made its presence very strong amid the NFT boom in the last quarter of 2022. The price spiked more than 872% to hit the highest range around $0.84. Woefully, the asset soon fell into a deep bearish well which drained nearly 78% of its value within a couple of months. However, in the past couple of days, the NFT has withnessed a spike in its price and also appears to be poised to hit the strong resistance zone at the earliest. 

The GALA price after the recent spike and consolidation is trending with a notable bullish flag which indicates a notable uptrend awaiting ahead. The GALA price may trend within the flag hitting the lower support once again.

And finally may rise up breaking the upper resistance zone and could continue to surge until it reaches the crucial levels at $0.37208. However, it is to be noted that, the asset has been rejected multiple time at this stage. Hence a rejection may be possible here again, but buyers appear to have reversed the trend in the short-term

Axie Infinity(AXS) Price Analysis

Axie Infinity remained away from the crowd ever since the beganing of the 2021 bull run. The asset remained silent and calm and contined to consolidate within the lower levels through out the 2021 bull run. However in the second half of the year, the asset displayed a huge monstrous rally which soared more than 4400% within a quarter to mark highs above $165.

Ever since then, the AXS price has fallen into a deep bearish well which slashed more than 70% of its value. Yet the popular NFT is again attempting to regain the lost positions, surpassing the obstracles in its way!

The AXS price in the short-term was pretty bullish since the beginning of the current trading month. However, the asset began to trend slightly towards the south in a descending parallel channel. Luckily, the asset breakthrough during the last few hours of the previous day closed. And has maintained a notable uptrend since then. The asset is expected to hit the upper resistance at $67.98 and after a small retest here may continue to maintain a strong uptrend.

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