GameStop Abandons NFTS… Here’s Why

GameStop was struggling until Wallstreetbets decided to pump their meme stock price. Gamestop then decided to go into the crypto web3 NFT game and build an NFT marketplace, partner with Immutable, raise 100 million dollars and NOW they are giving up and abandoning NFTs altogether.

We discuss why this happened and what the future holds for Game Stop as a company.

Every Monday I am joined by top NFT gamers to discuss all things NFTs, gaming, & the cryptocurrency metaverse!

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Meta Mona | Executive Producer & Anchor of MetaverseXpress

Andrew Wall | Host & Executive Producer at Illuvium

Babes in Cryptoland | Content Creator




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Why Do I Have So Many Toes?

I must confess that I’m not always obvious to everything that is before me. I admit I miss a lot of things set before me. I don’t do this intentionally. For example, sometimes, when I come home from the church office, I pass the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage, and she is waving at me, but I don’t see her. When I get home, she confronts me about it. I know it happened because, well, she told me it happened. I wasn’t very obvious of the situation at the time. Some things I see, some things I don’t see. And I’m not sure the difference between either one. I don’t know why I miss some things and not others. But I do, and I guess that’s part of my personality. I know I have ten toes, five on each foot, and one on each foot is a big toe. I have known that since I could recognize things. I will not tell you how long that is because my calculator doesn’t go up that high.

Pecorino Cheese

I descriptive name is meant to inform. However, sometimes the name is misused, which can lead to misinformation.

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While, we have always, witnessed, partisan – politics, in some forms, in this nation, it seems, in recent memory, never, to the degree, we see it, today! When, this behavior, transforms itself, into, being, obstructionists, and, little, of consequence, seems to get achieved, and/ or, even, addressed, doesn’t that seem, to be, concerning, the quality future, the generations – to – follow, need and deserve? When nearly, every American, needs and deserves, certain things, and, politics, interferes, we must address this, sooner, rather than later!

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