Gene Simmons REVEALS His 10x Cryptocurrency Portfolio for 2022 (Top 2022 Altcoins)

What crypto does Gene Simmons own? Why did Gene Simmons buy Cardano? Today we talk bitcoin, ethereum, & altcoin investing w/ Gene Simmons, entrepreneur and bassist of KISS!
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This video is for informational purposes only. DYOR. Investing in cryptocurrency is very risky.

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Is ethereum a good investment 2021? What will ethereum be worth in 2030? Can ETH reach $20,000 in 2022?

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00:00 Intro
00:45 Gene Simmons Explains the Meaning of 🤘 and ✌️.
04:00 How Gene Simmons Got Into Cryptocurrency?
10:15 Why Gene invested in Dogecoin (DOGE)
11:41 Gene Shares Advice About Investing in Altcoins
17:03 Gene’s Top 6 Altcoins He Owns for 2022
20:17 Why Gene Invested OVER $300k in Cardano (ADA)
24:30 Gene’s Top 2 MoonShot Altcoin Holdings (HE INVESTED MILLIONS)
27:34 Gene’s Crypto Exit Strategy (How Gene Will Take Profits?)
28:57 KISS About to Launch NFTs – HERE’S WHY!
30:00 Gene’s Final Message to Crypto Investors

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I’ll Bet You Never Considered Using the TRIN For E-Mini Trading, You Should

The TRIN (also called the Arms Index) has been around since 1971 and was developed by Richard Arms. To this day, it is always displayed on the NYSE floor; so someone must think it is important. Yet I seldom see it discussed in e-mini trading articles, and with the exception of myself, I have never seen it used; that is a mistake.

Which Contract Is the Best For Scalp E-Mini Trading?

If there is a single question I am most frequently asked, the title of this article would be the answer. With the wide variety of contracts available, each has its own individual characteristics and idiosyncrasies. On the other hand, after observing a contract, or trading it on a simulator, most people find that good e-mini trading technique works on most equity instruments.

How to Master a Great Forex Trading Secret

I, was shorting the EUR/USD, 2Q14 and I would at times experience the market not doing exactly what I expected. Imagine that!! What to do? Put in a 20 pip stop loss then reenter a short again? After all that is what you learn from the free educational sites from the brokers.

Instead of the ES, Newer Traders Should Begin Their E-Mini Trading On These Contracts

In a recent article I questioned why so many new and struggling intermediate-phase traders insisted on trading the S&P 500 e-mini contract (ES). This is a very difficult contract to trade for the initiated and without extensive experience, and a pretty deep bank account, e-mini trading on the ES can be a frustrating experience. Self-trained e-mini traders often question me why the extensive study they have performed doesn’t seem to go “by the books” when actually trading this contract live.

Which Platform Is the Best for E-Mini Trading?

Often times the platform you use will be dictated by the choices offered by the brokerage you choose you choose to trade. Further, each individual will gravitate to the e-mini trading platform on which they learn to trade, regardless of the quality of that trading platform. In my experience the quality of trading platforms ranges from absolutely dreadful to top-notch.

Can You Design a Successful E-Mini Trading Plan?

The general trend in e-mini trading has been the elusive search for plain-Jane trading systems that are simple to trade and understand. If you have read any of my articles, you know I tend toward more complex but understandable and executable e-mini trading plans that isolate and measure interrelated variables that alone have marginal individual predictive properties; but when used together they form a synergistic trading system that has the possibility of predicting high probability e-mini scalp trades.

How To Make $215 in 3 Minutes

You can start every trade you do in the black, and get paid for the possibility of owning your favorite stock at a discount. Options trading can be that easy, without the need for complex mathematical formulas.

E-Mini Trading: How To Exit Your Trade With Great Profits

It is my belief that knowing when to exit a trade is a tougher decision than knowing when to enter a trade. Beginning traders, in particular, have a tendency to exit winning trades too early and hold on to their losing trades too long. Further, one of the toughest decisions in e-mini trading is deciding to hold a trade through a retracement (in a trending market) or to hang in the trade hoping that it is a minor profit taking move that will be reverse in the direction of your trade and continue with the trend.

Knowing How Stock Options Are Different Than Futures Options

Trading in stock options and futures options can be identically beneficial. But before you take a plunge into any of them, it is vital to know the dissimilarities between the two, spot the concise advantages of each and then adopt a futures and options trading strategy. This insightful post has lots of options and future trading tips.

Is Your E-Mini Scalp Trading a Gambling Exercise or A Pragmatic Exercise in Consistency?

There are an infinite number of approaches to e-mini trading but the results fall into 3 general categories, or a combination of the 3 categories. An individual’s approach to trading is shaped by a variety of factors which may include; the trader’s unique personality, level of experience, and the trading methodology employed by the trader. Of course, differing levels of these traits can combine for a highly successful trader or gradations of success/failure.

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