Gensler Let FTX Off The Hook!

Supposedly, Gary Gensler met with SBF multiple times before the collapse. He found nothing wrong with FTX at the time! What a joke! Do you know who has been going after the right person this whole time? The XRP army!
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The Prophet Virgil?

Did the Roman poet see what was coming? Take a look.

The Role of Fear and Anxiety in an Adult Child’s Life

This article examines the crucial role that fear and anxiety play in an adult child’s life. It discusses how they are formed and bred, and why they carry them with them throughout their lives.

Four Proven Ways to Identify the Best Opportunities for Improvement (Waste!)

People sometimes have trouble identifying the real waste or opportunities for improvement that exist within their organization. This might be due to an assumption that appreciable levels of waste do not exist, or to failure to imagine how things could or should be if everything were right. Over the years, we have found the following four approaches for identifying waste to be effective:

Methods to Enhance Your E-Commerce Consumer Return Policy

Business is booming for your industry because of the pandemic, as many among the general public prefer to shop online. The competition is tough, but your E-Commerce site has made inroads and you are making profit. The reason, you sell quality products, and have recruited an excellent team. But, of late, you find a reduction in profits, and when surveyed, the auditing team finds it is due to products returned from the customer. In this article, let us discuss the methods to enhance your e-commerce consumer return policy.

What Are The Entry Requirements For Belize?

Belize, like most countries, wants to protect its borders and so there are entry requirements for anyone who wants to visit. They are different depending on your home country, but it’s generally pretty simple to understand – and in many cases, you won’t need to do anything at all. The main requirements are listed below. Making sure you understand the rules is definitely worth the effort. That way, your vacation can begin – headache-free – the moment you arrive in Belize. ‘No Visa Required’ Countries Visitors from the below countries don’t require a visa to enter Belize, but there may be a minimum length your passport has to run after you depart – check this with your home consulate. You will also need to provide proof that you intend to leave Belize – a return flight ticket will be sufficient for this. There is visa-free entry to Belize for nationals from: – USA and Territories (or USA Permanent Residents) – Canada (or Canada Permanent Residents) – European Union (EU) member states -Schengen visa holders – Caribbean Community (CARICOM) member states -Central and South America: Costa Rica, Chile, Guatemala, Mexico, Uruguay -Other: Iceland, Norway, South Africa, Tunisia, United Kingdom

Serosurvey Vs Herd Immunity Vs Vaccination In India!

But the fact remains that at least 400 million of India’s population are still susceptible to infections, dominated by the more infectious Delta variants, which puts the much hyped vaccination drive in India in poor light…

Solar System Maintenance: Knowing When You Need Work Done

When you have your own off grid solar system set up, it can bring a lot of great things to your home. You can save money on your energy bill, you can feel good knowing you are doing your part go green and do what you can to help the environment, and more. Solar energy systems are an exciting addition to any home, but how do you know when something goes wrong with them?

How Do You Find a Great Florist in the Sunshine Coast Area?

You’re getting ready to put together some sort of event – maybe it’s a wedding, or an anniversary celebration, or something of the sort. And, as part of your responsibilities for the event, you need to find someone who can take care of floral arrangements. How do you find the best florist in Sunshine Coast?

What Should I Keep in Mind For New Van Storage?

Whether you’re a professional tradie using your vehicle for work purposes, or someone just trying to get out in the great outdoors with plenty of storage in your van or 4WD for everything you will need, then there is nothing wrong with planning ahead and getting custom storage in your vehicle. Having access to your own custom van storage systems can be a great way to ensure you never go without that important tool or other item you might need while you are out on the road. If you would like to look into such a storage solution…

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