How Biden’s oil reserve plan will likely lower gas prices in weeks

Jared Bernstein, member of the White House council of economic advisers, joins CNN to discuss President Joe Biden’s plan to release 50 million oil barrels in order to lower gas prices. #CNN #News

Automated Forex Trading Systems – Are They For Real?

Looking to start making more money in the forex market but not sure what automated system to use or if any of them are any good? This article will help you know the truth about automated forex trading systems and whether or not they really can be effective.

Review of WorldSpreads Financial Spread Betting Trading Platform

WorldSpreads was founded in Ireland in 2000, but traded first as a spread better on sporting events and only entered the financial markets in 2005. Thus World Spreads is still one of the younger and smaller spread betting providers that are available for the financial trader. WorldSpreads is now headquartered in London, and has offices in many other countries.

Day Trading the Forex Market As a Small Capital Investor

Understanding the forex market is important to day trading success. Given the vast amounts of money that move in the foreign currency markets it only makes sense that currency movements have a major impact on stock prices. Day trading on any exchange successfully therefore requires at least a rudimentary understanding of how the forex market impacts asset prices.

David Marsh Emini Day Trading Choices For Your Investing Career

Quite a few inexperienced investors today are looking towards day trading and especially the David Marsh Emini method. This technique’s aim is to trade for a daily revenue using the emini S&P 500.

Day Trading – Price Volatility and Your Trading

Price volatility is the magic in intraday trading. Intraday traders need a certain level of volatility to be efficient, yet too much volatility can spell disaster and too little volatility can dampen the traders prospects for profit.

How to Buy Penny Stocks and Trade Online

Online stock trading is a lucrative venture for many people intent on making an extra income online. This may range from the average stay at home mother wanting to make an extra income from home to the experienced online broker who wants to make the most from their investment.

Technical Analysis Course – Can You Justify It?

How are you doing with your trading? I hope that you are getting the results that you want. If you aren’t then perhaps you should try to improve the methods that you are using. You should consider doing a technical analysis course and that should give you the improvement that you want.

Fibonacci Retracements – The Key to Long Term Profits

The sequence that was used as the base for Fibonacci retracements was introduced to the Western world around the 12th century. It was brought into the world by Leonardi de Pisa, otherwise known as Fibonacci.

Fibonacci Retracements and Continuation Gaps

Fibonacci extensions and retracements can be used for a number of purposes during trading. Traders often use them in conjunction with other indicators to help provide more substantial evidence when exiting and entering the market and this is an especially useful technique that can lead to handsome profits.

Day Trading Journal Makes You Money

One of the best way to improve the consistency of your profitable Forex and Futures trades is something so simple most people just don’t put the effort into doing it. What I am talking about is keeping a trading journal.

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